Zac Denton & )ohn Lowther

Per Unot If (you) For capital M. 





reintroduction means by witch option attribute a broom to a locket

intro concrete refurbishment twitter sirens to the mast, induction, retro-

duction –kuwitter reinstates production as a massive grit-introduction   

means and measures. dunk and or dine. what shall you

buy, consumer?

which sticky stuff on a stick. No

option.  Attraction to an honor, an

at totem pole’s pore, those sticky at-

tributes to celebs who go wass-

ailing on in stunt yugos yay and du duh brk brung

brrom-sided da-stickle stuttering on

towards rungs of latter, reaction to 

a sound that doesn’t not matter,

locks his key in the backdoor



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Recorded in Space Sonnet 




 seeing is inside none, the one way you can predate hearing

 grunt sale with a push to belie any fix ink the ointment

 table of put-ness, accusative case bothered by its passivity

“Who said it was my case they said we said what now, murder?”

 maybe a done deal, may be a onerous, feathered event in placement

 stop right here i want not to know right then. before the shoes

 ache. put-put inky the push. “He said.” (schtiff upper hlip) “Said.”

Escapism into the plaza, put put the self in a situation afar from geek

Yep it’s leaked out, the playa was donned, donned with pews

        add thistle down.              Stir. Wait until accounts

          rise. Whirl. Go           to the stranky hunt, ich thil.

Litmus smut, double-hut tub of knot, so be it boss, the pounce

Won’t budge not yet, take a transaction with that glass of fill.

                  tweak the inception all yr wile.       quillingly, Sparse.  

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