mark young

from: Betabet


In late Spring
she was born into
a wealthy patrician
family whose green
parts were eaten
as a substitute for
lettuce. It was a
divinely given talent,
worsened by drinking
alcohol. A similar
tragedy overtook the
inhabitants of Argos.


They have now almost died out
or merged with the rest

of the population. Pitched so
that the batsman may hit them

as they bounce, they can be
represented geometrically by an arrow

or by two or three numbers
which give the magnitude of their

components. Acclaimed as the
first proletarian dramas, they receive

blood from all parts of the body
below the diaphragm & later move

effortlessly between jazz & romantic
ballads. One bed is coarse, one fine,

& show a cyclic pattern of freeze &
thaw. The darker layers are

deposited in summer. Each pair
makes up the sedimentary record

of a year. Counting the couplets
gives a measure of absolute time.


The smaller of two
sex chromosomes, his
early work was
romantic &
lyrical. It has seen
mounting inter-ethnic
violence; but when
placed in the branches
of a tree whose roots
bind heaven & earth
& hell it converts the
sugar into carbon di-
oxide & alcohol, &
builds up an immunity.
The difference is due to
precession, which slowly
moves the annual %
return until a cease-
fire can be arranged
& a more constitutional
form of hammer-
beam roof initiated.


Early apples. Falls
are broken by a
square mat. Their in-
dependence from the
other branches
of central authority
is a central tenet
to the democratic
process. Women are
not segregated, are
carried in procession
on a large vehicle. Thrill
of nerves. Such direct
narrative with the
unspoken & un-
conscious reactions
of the characters
can be considered the
hallmark of
the vocal music
of the Renaissance.

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