Elderberries, doorknobs and the holy vessels of green glass, painted mechanically and

I am waiting for you. I am. I am waiting. Green glass.

The earth feels my soles, rises, tries to touch my knees, my pelvis, lost rib, beating heart.

Heart beating there. I walk on. I ride my bike.

And if you asked where I was, Id tell you what time it was.

Because when happens the collide
The Universe Collide

***The plane crash of all our fears***

I will be part of that earth,

I will rise to tickle your ankles

I. I.



The Campo was cool and photographs, black and white and sepia grain, a book no less;

Bruno burns, Bruno burns indefinitely and forever and slowly and with purpose

The earth feels my soles

Today, what day,

I have quit my job, nothing to fall back on, may land in water
Entire civilizations wriggle within my wits and none of them.
None of them;
                         All of them
                         contain beasts looking at the wall
Swearing it is a mirror.

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