Harry reads 'The Holy Forest'

a light-like opiate glee
gets kicked from the heart
of things & their music

unless I tune you in.
the room & it's tall forms
clang ceilings in the tinsel

like old snow remembered in a poem
& reduced into gems I couldn't see.

remember? a crate that held
a thousand gorgeous emblems

all of them baring almost all your names

to wait
is a shrill device

what is this nuisance, matter
I say I know you, noumenon
phenomenon is not

the god's spiteful karaoke

'it's what you hear
in another's ear, an exacting noise
you love most

faint from supplications
housing meager limits,
dreams & dream's attentions'

'at this point to be clear
we should kiss'


boyhood staring physics

& to finally find I had space
a clumsy salience that ran
in a pattern as a circuit
moves through the air where
a stare carves faint paper, a crane
that recedes from relief into
a flat dim plane, dusk or
something like it, the onset of
night, a noh-play of your life
performed in a rocket as it
orbits the moon. odd ambience
me & this not 'you' this shimmer
by the thousand shapes almost
molten in those fresh shadows
leaves bristling w/ nerves
become a noise to comb
over & look through their softly
toppled eyes

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