Lawrence Upton

3 pieces from Pictures, Cartoon Strips

An uniformed many-armed angel attacks with its mouth, open to
show us its teeth and microscopic instruments of torture, but shut
sufficiently to discharge an overpowering wind. It is blowing a
delivery van over.

It beats its hands on the parked cars so that, soon, they seem to be
cowering; but, really, they are crushed.

Some youths applaud.


A man pauses to put on dark glasses.

He has just murdered a woman. It is midnight in an alley.

Behind the man, four policemen keep their hands in possibly-
expensive leather coats. Their features and their expressions are

The man is obviously prepared to say that he has never seen the
woman; or, at least, that he does not know her; it is all in his
mouth, similar to the silenced mouth of the victim, whose body
lies on a stretch of ornate pavement, outside an incongruously
elaborate house, off to one side of the alley. (Inattention to
perspective permits the inclusion of much valuable information.)

We know what is going to happen - rules will be set aside, some
evidence will be disallowed - because we are witness to the
approach of the boys.


The people of a town surround a young couple who have just
asked if there is anywhere for them to stay. The mayor of the
town has put on his robes of office to reply: "Are you married?"

The couple will reply, together: "Questions are always asked of
the questioners."

The young man is saying to the young woman: "Are you all
right?" even as the mayor is speaking. The young woman has her
hand on her heart.

The sun is low and appears to rest on the roof of a building.

Several boys in the crowd are frotting against older women.

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