waitress of mercy glance in the hollow tube underwear glen. dear calamity profile, hunky
bearer of wand and limbs. Newton's alchemical harpooned state dreams like argyle
roughage. she was a literalist in the tradition of wander mer. time being nonsense water,
vapid arcane hands translate the ice floes though had jumped bikini wooden. eyes catch
alert old lantern motion in the nightmare pretty prevalence from the camera to the bone, in
the acid prep vein, the foreskin pursuit of tilted twisty. there's a right time to be inverted,
ripe with fever drowning amid. more closely loosely goodybelt. ten clouds nudes softly
mutiny softly crazy dollhouse pale attic floor. a fine fabric of darkly pressed silk. opinion
in steel terms of distance. on the individual not the person fashion inspired by staircase
dreams. the dark and unclothed streets even unlatch measures, flesh, vocabulary, cootie,
amazingly, church and stereos. perceive grainy houses, cousin. polyfield fidelity. the
constant bulletin borne of already modern sunshine. don't debt perceive her shoulders, her
sharp quick pimple dildo like punctuation.

Crosses of Cliffsides

"wouldn't it be better to draw crosses with a piece of charcoal on chalk cliffs?" -- Violette Leduc

violence shot through romanticism or smoothed to a blank verse national myth sought in
twin epigrams or a yet new formalism

sundry hot spot launch swift arcade via overwrought pastoral hymn girl like the belle of
the ball or vestal crimson carryall souped-up

tall, mixed, short desert caravan stripped to bones severed

shelved roughly according to category of the day wracked with ordinary

old men with but memory of lust neatly pocketwatch future movement of temple

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