Tracey Gagné & )ohnLowther

George Washington



dialogue continues more or less

an eddy of stuff separating

you understand

like the moon set into motion

the chain stop we’ve just begun

punched cards

magnetic tapes

tattoos excessively loud

perhaps    echo


now I can identify myself

that’s what all writers think


I recognized as I crossed it;

no-one sails here

swimming that unites

I was sure divides

at a point into its growth


each panelist is allowed

a specific tissue of

here slept not me

endowed with a life



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Freud: on carnivores and popsicle sticks



nature of space:

my silence is feminine


union of two human souls

orgiastic fusion of those


now the only meat we eat is reverie


hypnotized by the faraway




    androgeneity in peace


loss of consciousness

 nevertheless flowed

withdrawal  full of hostility

 takes to dreaming in its own substance


is reverie cult he inspired

 in the present instance


here to examine

 absence of fear


to react to the desire

 its us to dream well beyond




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