Thomas Lowe Taylor

detention enalienate

Notul! Notul!

En ensconcenarse, lighted up the wall, no mere matter
un- enaliened, like like nix il rapunto
in thought of the current lingo under construction
a forced breath in the corpse of the data monde
into the mouth of it

What'd corpsed out, laid it, then aside
this was was, no mere rapunto in the shit of it--
I saw her lining down the light-wall, lisped into me;
there'd been scut, slan, slun -- the it

But what'd leaned out around, formfit, say color then
what's not breathed is heard or felt in some belittle or calm
your own wart re-linted, or thrown attent, or malm. Nay pinto.

or simpler diametrics unreknown, say, forgot. Like, was.
Nouned out, the culture stulted, then splint, then psalm,
reflex to whatever follows, takes over, spins, then slam. Yr it.
But as the waveforms of the bod are abandoned, the slant of
the mental re-flux is what follows out, a demeanor calm not
seen not sent but laid out in the undertones of static.

allay, lay plenty aside, the dreamer speaks. I'd hided
out the scene, nay plinty in her side, but dreamed no doubt
let not sent, the inner pontu a schemer in the dime
but here's the loaner in remember, touche, the day's day
nine inside the tent, or hooks, waving ahead now signs

what'd seen then languish, her domed' forehead's punt into
remember the doorway leaning in foreclosed rooms
the paper peeling flowing into lesser closures, ally to calm
but peals bell remit, climb the scene from hold to pine
her dreaming squeal is this in the oval pool her "pink"

tool the leaser skin, loose of the foamer tart. She skeins.
It might all aside, bely, belay bedlam. Its a tossup, beer
and the lingering smell of bleach on the car door. Reminds
of the laning spelt, her touche uponto and the relapse down
like looking licking likes her luck, pronted schemes deneal.

it's open far apart, then schemed into dusk or the rub. nox
in sento dominico, sunday, then, to leak the darting flub, to
holder intento, laid side by side and not surprised, buy it
I'd want to claim inattention but not disinterest, caution maybe,
the check into it latening harps the child inside double trouble

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