dementia por desert


the determined insides
pursue   green, green
tree tops where wonder
is listless & passionate
& full of colored expression


beyond bulls
is derision and
pank dazed formations
all along the horizon-
into the gaps and distance,
a canyon kind to float
through stars that know
us and relate to emptiness


in amarillo sickness
is hardship & desert-
bring free the wild pony
from time & expectationů
pony is isis-a white feeling,
an inclination towards destiny


red bulls break
into white noise
relieving the swollen turns
for wanton plumb desires
streaked whole against
the frozen violet night sky


in purple   strides
she climbs seven feet high
into the rim of the last
vanishing pointů
towards the city
into its light
into its moment
through the turquoise wind
we've blown into

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