harry k stammer

central city core


"loss of love is traumatic, again"
care take intol       erable   s says "yes"      no
not at more than evolved neat(ly) self-it words do
space (s) of self-there lingering tongue'd speak is 'yond own be dimension

al nor one kind X and
chromo one two independent looking back'n forth (12 12 12)
muted self-it self-to self-a factored by growing asymmetry folding chairs
around the tent around percept-concept right fight looking left'd memory
      lingering name

ing vocally deaf (ening) note it
"E" s says plexed (tions) lost ability singing
"pay it, the price, pay it tea pot'n microwave" ah
an a tomical change "pull it from the register" vary walking outside.

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