Kerri Sonneburg

Practice For The Latent Ear

                 one   gesture to
infer--transmission--the sky an active continuance around-
-it apparent for some purpose--her likeness reflected-in that
scene without--

pattern      or     similar   circumference--so     rested--instead
a    taken    pitch-trace--elements    of    resist--to   hear  an  a
skirt somewhere shy of her left--another tropism--acoustic

sequin--locate the shape of that arrival--the method insists-
-some sense of bird is being repeated


heat cast is but this ligature--to overturn

--the cautionary       reply--etcetera--so   much--weathers-

     bodily- at some point in--in the night is during

          -is whited--settles

to a mull--that water same
receiving our disturbance-
-no coin or hand inert--is our betters

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