Paul Siegell

in order to get back to bed, you gotta go back to work

in order to get to the hammer, to the landfill of plastic bags,
spot a hurrying continent & douse it all with muscular snow

in order to get to the cable bill, to the toilet paper a-the monthly maelstrom,
boot the smokers from the bar-b-cue & then bury the jive-talkin' telescope

in order to get to the cutting board, to the extra virgin olive oil of action adventure,
chill 'til you finish your pretzels, then surprise like seashells on the mountaintops

in order to get to the wine glass, to the shoe shine of business casual,
lick your cotton-candied fingertips & then dynamite the bumper boats

in order to get to the bicycle, to the fresh feathered headdress a-the daily commute,
rendezvous with Boutros Boutros atop Machu Picchu, then it's off to Addis Ababa

in order to get to the manila folder, to the oil slick of office politics,
revise that proposal, again, & "REPLY ALL" for a final, final round of approval

in order to get to the nightly news, to world events where no spectators are sought,
boil up some spicy lamb-stuffed eagle & grip it real tight for the bloody back nine

in order to get to the concert, to the carabineer of your rock climbing harness,
set your toboggan hat ablaze & rubberneck the wicked twitches of a fiddle bow

in order to get to the pizza crust, to the weekend of pleasantries without your boss,
hit the brakes for the elephant to bellow, It is now safe to shut down your computer

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