Torii Shozo
translated from the Japanese by Taylor Mignon


the phenomenon of virginal Mrs. A's
belly-button fetish from prehistoric tradition
clinically, absolutely means nothing

there's a hairy apparition in the church
when its bell of gold stops ringing
the night shows its rising ass

in the dream
dripping thin blood on an illusionary cross
Mrs A dedicates
a bearded cone to a pleasure blade

single shot gun firings
continue to report

liberate with a fake tiny death, man!

other than the visionaire Mr. A
any abnormality nil

Amphitheater Site

intense midsummer's ultra-violet rays wash
naked's unseen part scorches
nihilist Mr. B

it's good timing
the paper stairway to the veranda
with a surplus pigment of red pepper
is impossible to use

time now for
the goateed oshiropinno

healthfully surrounded
by the god of empyema
Mrs. B sinks her dry skin
in a hot rug

the dampened fastener zips &
the cyclorama of Fall promptly propagates

** Note: oshiropinno is Japanese for a clam-dwelling crab

Circuit Looping

on a desolated red desert
a cardboard steamship is floating

the cabin with no windows
cut-glass walls
annoying the breast of Mrs. C in fur
whose slacks' bottom, unknown, is ripped

one day a shot, healthy hugs

while hot perfume bathes
the inside pocket's box of Cleopatra is concerned
the absolute principalist Mr. C's
diarrhea reflex looks unhealable

in the distant skyline a thin long moon climbs
sand dimly begins migration
a silver bookworm's tombstone propagates

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