Francis Raven


a)the corners of a frame squish the picture into art.

b)the corners of a room confine the composition of cups and clammer.

c)the corners of a room (make them soft please, make them enforce the way
we wish to live) create the rhythm of our contemplation and copulation.


Somewhere the sound of
simple signs simmers.
Well, actually it's boiling now
and I can't pick out the individual signs
nor the bits of carrots -
it's a stew,
but even under extreme temperature/pressure
certains parts
retain their integrity,
like the 'I'.


good point--
way for pointing
way to use your fingers
to show,
to show me
how to get
getting the pointing.

"Point please."
"Point in the direction of..."
"Point in a direction?"
"Not just any direction."
"You mean, write something?"
"Yes, something now;
a destination for later."

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