Laurel Ransom

Make me Understand your Defamy

Let's talk in the city lights

"You are simple glorified
When all is gone to me
When life cannot in
Dashing heights proclaim

"I don't fame like this world

"I just lose
And loved you, asshole
When I came with dye horror

Then walk to it
And let it flash her
Let it sing, let it sing for this
This word
"When I saw myself pain
Put me on a white kabob

"It's what I let roll

Take down with the panda
"Oh if I ever, if I ever
Make me stay, make me want

Make me stay awhile and breathe her in
"You want--may break me
(It took me out)

"If I ever make you sane
Let the bing bang,
take me down

see salt

reached his wrinkled hand
shake shake across the table
for two please
pass the salt

nobody kicks him in the stomach
and rubs the salt into the wound
the way a dead woman does

below the darker canopies
south--north of my mother's birth
treetops make love to skies       y
se llama sal

and as we watched her float away
a tear dropped salty
to the earth

a feast! He lay the spread
and salt pork stuffed apple head
and guava mushed inside a cup
we smiled and then we ate it up

i swallowed the waves whole
and only the sea stays with me
in the salt on my teeth

he sucked the iron
-the maroon
-the salt liquor from her veins
as her heart dissolved into his hair

impurities evade his pores she
pours salt into the basin runs
water warm, climbs in with him

they walked down to the ocean shore
before they'd ever grow old and wrinkled at their table
his face on her face as he carried her to the sea
was as crystally pure as worn ocean salt

hum up a waltz over flats, the great lake,
all oscillating brineries-       it can be like snow
-and the lovestruck, where moons glow upward


drive in

charging per person-

slipping from hand to hand
don't let your headlights show
used to cruise through at intermission
trying for two in one night
two for the price of one
two in the rumble seat

lower than grass-
And stinging steam on her welts

they came in through power windows
I like the way Daddy does it
by the hair
pirates on the Big Screen
teenagers on the gravel next door
or either of those could have been love
And tuned in to **.* FM
I came for Him

trembling wired waves-
And red in the backseat

the cracker box
a gym in my high school
my first something
He found mine
And dusk fell

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