Mark Prejsnar



spherical birds1


log slalom†††††††† anger in the slat cheat†† :amount ††††††††††††††††††††† vocalizations††††† slam bake a
credence to the top†† (not††††††††††† look†† a rune to hoe††† in†† season††††††††† banter w. banshees
extol††† oplist†† antitake†††††††† ambered†††††† enteroperformed†††††††† undersystemed†† &




spherical birds 2


bile of atlanta†††††††† near†† songify†† his get-up-and-go††† got up & limped†† dim-witted
slurp happenstance††† --all†† crowned†† time†††††† homily tonon-orient†††† gleeby!
rhythms !†† preferentialshuffling!(often,Buffalo ...†††† art is just a dog sleeping on
Neil Youngís porch††† flakraker†††† now!†† nip†† card†† counter !




spherical birds 3


biblio†† crise slipper†† cries†† crisis†† emergency:emergence††††† thwack!†† anuisance†† to
be breathing†††††††† sham yoke†††† discounts†† ample††† gotta get a gettin톆††† the leaves turn
back in time††† whineyvoice††† life w. awaitronlinking††††† easy to read type and nearly
300 illustrations !†† i found that war stories make thrilling bedtime readingthe
transitional object shredded in yr hands i found that war stories make thrilling bedtime
readingthe transitional object shredded in yr hands i found that war stories make
thrilling bedtime readingthe transitional object shredded in yr hands



spherical birds 4


umbilicalassistanceto madder††††† than thedestination†† disastermind maroonto polish
interlope†† slag†† frontalbone†††† lapseframework†† dutchtroutparking deck & compost
blackjackcement under indigodisembark††† brain dead fer lafter†† if itís our fault crude
oil hits the spigot†† here is an imaginary portrait of a specter†† i see this in slate time
recently falling††




spherical birds 5


guileand that sort of thing†††††††††† madder than a marching†† tear††††††† you gotnuthin
comin††††† lope†† sling where the standmanages----††† thestanding is†††††††† lack†† chunk
bad,††† is theflip††† slide†† ghastlyshockingor fadedwhere the†† tune has†† closed
anchorages††† where the knot is prettyfamed†† haven†† theater a life w.maybe partying,
and†† bowdown†† craze fixation†† never a burgeon†† never a burgeon††



spherical birds 6


ditch to the gang side†† o,itís alriiiight ...trepidationophobia, and miss in the still frame
...not everyone has the pure quality of despair that you do ..! !††† intro outro†† flantasm in
a texmexflingery..over wherever†† ...i donít wanna freak her out--



spherical birds 7


from person to person to accuracy ,w.low mud-pressure ...just go in
there& take a look ,, ... oplist†† antitake†††††††† slambake a crowned
sleeping,slagbackrain†† rail ... the finer points of hissing†† onerous & twoerous†† the
life logged ,†† crater somanichehanging right there††† that sucks††† no way††† lugging like
an emptied light††††† antihagiohagify†† &



spherical birds 8


sittin there lookinat it††† lob where niftytiedie†† give me a buzz,iíll type it right out
here they donít havetacut & paste†† in order to glut &††††† blast††††† curt & past†††† lurch†† ...
...finkhack††† tomes --mad dash to a bad rash,†† agon agone†† agora†† then right back
here†† i think theyíll have him disembowled†† probablyby after lunch†† come back then



spherical birds 9


what?what??†† WHAT??†† wha duhya mean,they have their reasons ???abend†† life-
system††† cullnope††† fail-unsafeweeks in the damp lost††† pull down that one sequence
a sourcebook for tearing out yr hair†††††††† make your way to a zip crawl gauze
indeminificationóthen laff!

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