däna lisa petersen


from: essential core

  (for anne jaques)

a deceit of lapwings
       in the act of or dislodged geologic change whose origin is vulgar so that at first the stress is slow yet irregular. to wink causes no small stir or flap for sure because of the proximal end where two become gregarious and stouter along longitudinal fields.

a hand of bananas
        amounts to little more than a hill of beans except the part by which it is attached to something else. in essence the integral is over the whole surface by breaking links to two edges when passing over while reverting lengthwise and prone lickety-split.

a kettle of hawks
        yet aren't to be reckoned but matters upon actions where one raises by trying or alternatively rides a fall down. this constitutes surface drainage which begs original absorption rates of brought to light along wings held horizontal in repose or square-tipped when folded.

a nest of wasps
        needle us when made to fit close together. each sequence contains falsely the next as it is that simply done. disorder in unity is precisely what this looks like once again. poison and provision are the two halves as to no equal so cinch it in tightly.

a passel of brats
        gathered and heaped up for there are too many to count one then one more. for each an alteration was found and used which told of an illicit swelling over which they were laid down gently. hold up each and over now so there are always strings attached to part with in measure.

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very clear & fine

fluid lighter a tea in afire given into sounding
now look (left) here what causation lies down
under deep backing given in adheres.
merge or swerve
drop past one one one until arms bare lead
barren leavings curled to scattering low.
realization murmurs slowest movement afoot.

  he returns gasping her glass-blown illumination
  stepped into the order out of place rendered less
  than language or need for speaking that became
  ecliptic remembering: late grass & quick syllables.

eyes in collapse mode.
you're "return" comes up nothing. dance
once known for absence in thrall of sitting or
undarken stoop said each step dreaded back
splitting absentia to slumber.
his cure nearly kills before age old terms.
slurring of jungle and night.
gone / there flung outward length crooked or shock
budding twigged hair trigger.

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