Charles Perrone

An imagined form of reaction

So some may want to say it's all
beyond your ken -- my ken in this case;
No can accept, I'm fully ready to retort,
For I'm well wont to keep caring, to know,
keen to overcome ails and all, and well
this penetrating mind of mine will not
be veering off course nor careening to the side
of the road of the way of the table, for
I'm unable to resist the caress of cognizance
nor, I reckon, physiological reason,
rise, reconnoitre, and return,
installed in restive (near rowdy) activity
to partake of the crowd, impartial or not
yet to experience
renal failure, arterial obstruction,
lungs collapsed, or the like.
Actually I like survival
            and the rest.

alternate version of aging

family files find fit to reveal
a non-amatory complaint
a chant beyond their ken
--my kin can't grasp that, alas,
    no lass no lad no body
               no mind--
so though you may be keen to explain
to be one behind and active in campaigns
to caress the make, the rest of the clan
to unravel an analysis, a brotherly take
             others still think otherwise
no less than wholly, no more than size
not led astray by words, deeds, or leads but
staid in their ways, with confidence of such
if gladly off the cuff while on the mark to find
threads of necessary needs, and mindful relations.

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