Craig Perez and Katy Acheson

if seeking truths

katy acheson


'snail, reaching sought bulbs, as liquors
fallen grapes, leaves, silt and rain'
he is the mumbling dead species, mixed

for orature of the mother's call
lending and bordering a musical
to wade carelessly brave

like beasts of corn
in the freight of a growing sweat, nationality

some historical angle
some new order of mythos

caught the small birds' vulnerable moment

on breaking boughs

craig perez


'nails, reeling sight holds, and flickers
of fallen maps, grieve-tilt and pain'
weave the crumbling dead pieces, mined

for rapture of the sun's calm
ending when borders a music
to fade airlessly - derive

like feats of birth
in the reign of rowing wheat, nations

become torrid angels

some new border of

caught this small noun's arable lament

on burning brought

katy acheson


'brine, sweet sweeping folds, and visions
if sulking tramps, reprieve, felt and discarded'
wade in the trampling seed pool, filled

for rampart of the heavy level
bent when brash or brute
do fade too quickly - revised

like beats of music
in the streets of pure cane, southern

men become angels

of the new war on miracles

which is the fortune of northern women

on turning thought

craig perez


'to bind, weeping unfolds the visible -
stolen maps retrieved, fallen and disarmed'
wares in the trembling tidepool, finite

array of heaving leaves
rent where brush fire routes
tunnel -
to not fade quietly - impoverished

lines bear silence
in the heat of surfacing pain, other

means become arranged

if the renewed word - this spectacle -

is the rune of thorns

it turns through

katy acheson


'such bold, charming is unified by invisibles -
the stolen measures, flatten and dismember'
dares on the tumble-sing & ride-a-fool, tonite

scurry off heaving liken
went where bush flames trousers
tight -
not to trust quietly - unmistakable

signs of silent mistakes
in the heat of zealous nymphs, brother

arrange your escape

if the world rewards - such a spectacle -

it is the turn of scorn which does

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