Cheryl Pallant

Yonder Zongs

A boy came deliberately evoking far gaining height in
just kicking lightly mud, not openly pretentious,
quasi-restless, so the underling veered west
extremely yonder zong. Boy careened drowsy evidently
from gambling his inner juice kicked long mentally
neutered, openly presuming querulous rank so the
users valued weather exonerating youthful zigzags.
Combining death embellished flukes going honorably in
jestful knacks like masterful notes over peppered
quandaries reasonably secure to understand value
without extreme yonder zongs. Detrimentally exacting
flukes gained height inside jocular kicks labored
monthly, not overly presumptuous, quiet, regardless,
so timidly useless, venerated with excessive yearly
zeitgeist. Every far-flung government hides inside
jocular kicks limited masterless, nixing, overtly
precarious, quaintly regarded, seasonally timorous
until vexed with excessive yawns zonging. Gladly,
hideous, innocuous, jocund, kicked limp moreover near
open plans quotably regarding sudden times used
vexedly with executive yodeling zebras. However,
insiders joke, knock limp motley namesakes over
pernicious queasy regrets sudden times until veering
west yodeling zestfully. Inversely, jumpers' knees
lie migrantly near open planters quadruplicating
returns suddenly to us versions without executive
yodeling zebras. Intuitively, justly kept lemurs must
never overwhelm precise qualitative returns sent to
us variously withering exampled young zongs. Just
keep leaping mightily near overt prayers quietly
returning songs to us versively with younger zigs.
Kick, lean, mix, neuter, own, peek, quaver, reason,
secrete, time, use, vivify, wizen, yoke, zag. Labor
more next offers precarious quarterly reiterations,
suddenly timely, usefully vilified, wherever yokes
zag. Moreover, nearby offices past qualified rent
sued to useless vented wills yoke zag. Never overly
presumptuous, quashed restless sudden underneath
veering wisely extreme yonder zong. Over, past,
respited, quatrained, seasoned, useless, valued,
weathered, extreme younger zong. Perhaps,
quintessentially reasonably secure to understand
value without excessive yonder zongs. Quantum rants
sentences tips underwhelmingly versatile wryly
exceeding yoking zeal. Robbed securely to understand
vilifying without exceeding yonder zongs. Sanguine,
timid, useful, venting without exonerated yawns
zooming. To us, veering west excessively yawning
zongs. Useless value when exceeding yodeling zinging.
Vaulted with exceptional youth zinging. Without
exceeding youthful zongs. Exceptional yodeling
zinging. You zinging. Zero.

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Freaking Fricatives

Fear frights flight pains in flagrant unflappable
fragility flustering even the ineffable face or an
affront too awful for words. Frighteningly fragrant,
if one considers frogs a gross underestimation of
hap-leaping. Hazards wizen us or set matters straight
single us out from the restless. Frightful if one
considers the fallacy or the fatigue factor figuring
us in profile. Some consider that flattery, yet such
flippancy rarely frequents this model of vagrancy. I
am as itinerant as they come and go, leave behind
pages marked and unmasked, adhesives loosed in a
festival of flurries. But fear can flop you on your
fanny. No fun for full bottomed or festooned attempts
to reel in a shimmer of reality, the side least
invested in and free of infection. Funny how that
works. Foes rarely forget or forgive.

Fear fosters a more egregious foe despite woes
opposing directions or signs signaling a signature of
anonymity. Leave no mark nor print. Festering wounds
flower into a pungent bloom. Frequently I leave in
famine times the full vase. I'm told it makes one
famous but such ill-kept facts don't figure into
my plan. Head up toes down. Head above the fast and
furious. Friction or conflict of any type face
resists closed apparel. I'll argue if I must but my
preference is for fluid gestures, transparent flat
surfaces, an affluence of found appearances that give
rise, that surmount even the most rigid or false
efforts to undervalue what is forgotten and rise in
value on a frequency few experience or understand. I
forget how many subscribe to this simple falsehood
flashing across many a face or fingers coiling into
fists. An arguably mute point. But I'm not one to
vent my fortunes and mistakes, but in constant quest
to figure out or erase what by necessity is
frightfully flagrantly flip or flops into my flap and
I resign myself to face what is awesome to some, full
of itself to others, a fastener that gaffs its own
potential, ineradicable, indefinite and fully

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Entry Steps

Entry step entry way entrails without treason or
treachery but truth be for the tell or yodel,
whichever approach fits, whichever roach gets
squished, the entreaties upon a wail without dragging
tendencies that tend not to befriend your higher
regard. Wail if you must or hum a tumble and rip into
step intimately in the temple behind overgrown fronds
found only by persistent explorers whose tumbles
remain unnumbered yet portend a future lasting a mere
second, a mere hair's breach. Step one twostep three
forgotten whether as a twosome or three score in D
major and minor in continental philosophy. Rules
matter. Runes ritualize whatever ruins remain,
refrain from smoking, rephrase the unrepeatable wail
or hum out from tummy or upon your chest of drawers.

Such signs signal a flash beyond easily thought so
tremulous and torrential, but that's another sorry,
another worry which regards a sentiment's journey and
delay unexplicated, so take a step stake a drink
without a bar of rugged individuation or a token
gesture like a hand shake like a rug beaten like a
beetle unable to turn back upon its feet. The
unpredictable remains unpredictable, expectations
unexpected, so leave shoes at the dunno and prescribe
another remedy for a more melodious charted,

Step into. Step into there. Step on note what pulses
or nonpluses in ample degree with belly wide in
desirably glib blithe hilarity as if tripping down
steps but landing with grace or slipping on a peach
of split and thanking neither Kierkegaard nor
Hildegard but whomever steps past without
consideration, without a hand out, without a race
toward the rat. Surprise with random kindles of
disregard. Surprise with stepping on tokens of
desolation that rise up like vapors off smoke.

Enter without exit. Residual reliances like a wink or
a wagging tail rarely marginalize harmonies. Remove
the veil inveigling. recover the discovery and don't
wail up for me who earlies to bed earnest to rise.
Entrain or deter deleterious speeches that ripen
fruit never dropped from the tree in proper time in
proper address. Rehearse what's not been said.
Rehearse what can't be known before hand or foot
meets ground. Just one step, heel to foe, heal for
your own best much more than interesting much more
than a stutter never attempted never a mountain too
higher a hand.

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