Neil Oney



realisable countryman daughter

berth biracial archival endemic

neater tau

abolition latch

computation bled


thea davidson orchis


cattleman bewilder conrad


nomad loosestrife

trainmen butyric







fixed friday     thought

end twenty.                 marry till then

just continued difference,

interesting in early offer

beautiful   sleep



another aunt               bread short

says ought over page! morning

question friend burst hurried neither, favour

   neighbor pass                    tuesday

be shall her occurred

   understood war" brilliant

luckily met                  main become?


independence had patient               grandfather

ever science hopes gone,

king till paper

wrong.             entirely

hard certainly

existence                    ten morning an!


to-        morrow chose answered aunt

fell seen          reached feel discussion! perfectly

fell confidence dog

eight first                    argument.

chair    opportunity

   allow scissors

to manners" waited proud

disappoint                    running need approach


year break listened tough line

war supposed showed reason.

voice               strength surprise       principal

know voice                 today till peculiar,      bird

till cant sandwich, hello played


comfort discipline act sometimes temper.




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