Costas Nakassis

smart to invoke a dislike for body parts on silent lines of electricity,
lines right out of the wall, licking off and across the wall, it is the
right time to segment the local from the characterological history from talk
lived between the sheets from closing to awakening neighbors, pre-work
chirping and car door closing.
notice to evict, forward to prostration, exscind and imitate, uninvited
right off of the lip marked and cooling after/as the hinges squeak a wholly
sealed finality. two day singularity, unhinge and enumerate.

un-underline, smoke the sink unwhite. un-underline eyes, smell fading
fingers unwhite, periodic, impressed on the flesh, making dense
redistributed bodies inside out chromatic and simply subscribed to their own
selfsign. each hair off the floor each body hairless every tourist of their
own body their own casket is a set sailed shooner leaking like pets in the
park. don't check again and only consider going to bed, perhaps even seal
off recently silenced lines of interruption.

stand up the sleeping and question rigorously, counting each breath a
response, each quiver an affirmation and each non-response a welcoming to
interpretation. every drainable drained, every tooth dry and gift-wrapped.

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