Jane Joritz-Nakagawa


Troubled the sight of you (me) not swaddling (ho(p)ping)
Not to worry (whisper/list/less)

You('ll/I) once beautiful

upon a time (scar/let/pump[er]nickel / waste) I (you) held
Me (you) dearly (meekly/arms cross[X]ed)
And temporally (solicitously/ lugubrious)

(Whilst) the armchair
(galactically) a
man (pot) wept miser-ably (spelling bee/the rain) upon finding wife (meal) gone (at sea sentimental variation)

Oftentimes after a bath I (you) skipped down to the lake (social
tourniquet) making it (them) meaningless

Reasoning endlessly
(for starters) tripping (on a field) the problem eventually
righted (bled apologetically/reproduced with abandon /Don)

Because I (we) never knew how to live (flirt) in the (free/smelly/
triumphed/trumpeted/perishing with[out] end) world, all day imagining
I'm(someone better/employable/displaced/suspended
between trees, perpendicular)

Why is everything developmental psychology? (you again!/Measuring the height of waves?)

Finally to conclude (thwart) this chapter (/diatribe//pre-menstrual hat trick) a (digital) man found (wanting/spot!/dead upon arrival/adroit) is certainly wondering what (to
do about) [my sagging breasts/the intense heat/white collar crime/bad service at the bar/abrupt end to the...]. Governments (veered/sweated/up all night) serve (float) you (them) this
message/warning/missile/virility, weave, virtual implaus[plos]ibility


Image from on high

lymph node wallpaper

bearing the weight of

forgetfulness the

shoddily hired brain

in touch with

seminal fuse, lovely

marginalized at noon

in front of

surrogate perfumed leaping

attracted to the farmer's

daughter spoken in

frenzied whispers as coils of

subterfuge, scraps we don't

sigh often enough

to mute this cell

mates in an office

sharing our having

wo(r)n out blue

paired with

taking over with stuck

in the mind's show

us what it is you keep in the

safe box living

or dwelling


, for nothing

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