costas nakassis

break, break break
sweet, walk.
broken containers

in still moving paragraphs 
     breaking phrases to new half-slept states
in still half sleep lying
     serenaded by a rhythm and pulse 
     in time.
(the phrasing bound)
bound phrasing
in still(,) quiet notions 
     like the spaces falling in between 
     blips pulling away from
     scenes of soft cotton swabs 
          inserting (never) {not quite} deep enough(,)
          pulling purple ink welled
          and settled deeps into fibers
          in two fibers crossed, absorbed.
     respite compared,
           the peaks breaking 
     nourishing, the peaks breathing thin,
in still ideas born of bound phrasing(;)
     ideas bound
and instill(ed). 

an exercise in.....

                    pine needle sharp scrapes
        indulge staring into bright lights
        held breaths dizzy

                           joint mimed tree limb
                           of cambium, leaf colored, snapping

[carpet rips (in)
poorly lit rooms;
gray boxes,
wet cardboard
                    like razor cuts, elegant
                    thin lined red footprints in the snow

     white hairs line the corners,
     dirt gray grooves wet(,)
     porcelain edges the beginning traces of
phosphorous lit]
                    raw skin scabbed and bent sends pulses
                    like light houses
                    her skin like snow
                    reflecting back sunlight
     a thin layer of particles (and)
     a thin layer of dirt
simulate little bursts of light, with {an exercise in} little day dreams of.....
  halting off balanced leaf colored
  orbs in a inhalation
  of light and sound absorbed slowly, dizzying
=.....a motion through molding soft earth
                           and reciprocate

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