Mark Young

Directly South of the City of Madison

It's such a weird
place - think hand-
crafted mosaic crosses
done in sophisticated
shades of pink, white
& brown. It's slightly
disgusting - think
Tab Hunter playing at
being macho. It's a long-
term proposition & many
simply lose interest over
time - think 17-year-
old clarinet players.

Fueled By Ramen

Working within a true
supply & demand economy,
responses in the US to
perceived terrorist strikes
constitute the single most
expensive man-made disaster
in history. You know the
stories, those that say
they can cost almost as much
as having a child. I prefer
to explore the gritty streets
of America not as a spectator
nor as a victim; raising livestock
to make my money, spending
it at the general store in the
moments before midnight,
for all the world like Cinderella.

By works, not faith

Framing a government
to be administered by
a bunch of cute guys -
though none of them
cuter than baby animals -
is the initial step in
making desperately needed
changes to the American
psyche. There is no more
important task in con-
temporary psychoanalysis.

Meanwhile, at the Cancer Screening Clinic

Some days the sky
is full of litigation
& on other days
it rains, just like it's
meant to except
there are no clouds.
Precipitation is such
an ugly word, not
one I'd keep in my
vocabulary unless
I had a handbag to go
with it, deep enough
to lose my keys &
credit cards & all
subsequent means of
getting home, or an off-
the shoulder dress, or a
je ne sais quoi attitude
that tastes like pretzels.

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