Sheila Murphy


Recursive shims slant predispositively
Beneath cover of a stalled night

Modesty unveils the otherwise impenetrable
Forest or foray turned to mixed blessings

Although clay has been discerned to have resembled
Closed eyes, the urge to witness has been dried

Remunerative oceans sway and give and sway
Unrecognized as at-a-glance endowment

Seen not heard reminiscence underlies
The seaming of aligned cloth with another

Pairs of antlers cross the meadow
A misguided version of narration passes

Think Am Wanting

Not to have been fallen
Corpus corpulent acrostic
Pomeranian mayhaps
The goodline ravishes the poor
As sampled given
On a stretch between, written b/w
Tonsured unclaimed resilient
Though dismembered ship and shrap
Until the stalled
Persnickety retracement
Singes lottery after lotion
Fast and combed asleep
At three or mental four
This lord-it-over quantum
Varicose dismention
Has been stalked


safe or not,
the yield,
the field
or expanded

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