from Omnia


If I showed my hand it would be yours, but then again . . .

Allow music to rise from the vituperation holdings, blame
the bank on blotters and scotch shut the possibility of
pacticarian vendetta

Wonks are neural in pleuridian fund features, one thing
The free-throw shooter does is fund learning for arhythmic
Fast forwarded then slogged shut, I'm such a scone
Around an appetite like yours
, she muttered, but his
Eyes remained downcast, he knew that there was not
Much time, and trimmings had their windows blown to
A design, the line driven home in some prime wheel-fair

Among the few delivery samples were the sweet green meds
She rapidly extracts from the Divine Plan formed of lace and
twine, these rigors very far apart from timed heat on the stove
Lucked out of fakery in the defensive mode, a pause in the
Elaborate proceedings


Television images including primary confection, dactyls in the pines

Spread your levitation around ground level hankering
as if I were not there, choosing your Bataille, against
grains all defined by you, then suds, then frames

Supple around supplication points, too many shoes,
Liberty coupe and gray paint, making the world probably
Safe as something you or anyone can never crack, I live
Apart leave me alone I am not interested in stowing
Away canvas shares of capsicum without your help
Unless I give a part of me steel girders locked
Shut as any last name with a V in it

A mobile ravenous command of the new langue,
Over to . . . over to . . . over to . . . rebound . . . tips it to
The hoop . . . it's good, left side, this is the direction of
The host, soul of an apostle,
he prefers I not offer
A thing original in the discussion what was your
Mother like, I sink my teeth into some thing, sleep
Swiftly, only one I love


Summa cum Utah, flay your arms until the atmosphere appears too crowded in, contaminated facts

Brave drip-dry finesse temptation not to cave when pressure
plops into a fascist lap, it is so blemished an ulterior
feeling to depend on anything

Barometric tresses, loose aglow, the singles in a
Freeway romp, the Lourdes water countable for
Sweep cement, drifting beyond block shot and so the
Margin call yields frankintight forays into con-
Founding meager ricochets, to need equals, blah
Blah blah withholding the antipathetic factors of
Two tipples half across

She singularly, slowly leaves the place a quiet
Place I watch her and the ball game, seven minutes
And seven seconds in the half, a paint job
Any child would skill for, orange and glorious
With purple prideful, look at how she spills
Paint over sun shafts, prelling water, letting
Daylight practice fading


Keel cypress heel-to-toe, impossible to attain an intimate hitch parce-que

Save, strain, ply, at least forgive the facts their factual irreplication, thundery pan-fried torsion against granular injunction of where pivot points

Magic red tag, faulty stockings, men presumed logicians,
In and underneath, the war flower, pensive eyestrain
Motifamy, a pink blur perfunctorily flowing to the week
And fouled out front, ringed by constantive wood arriving
Every dim wit day, I like my time alone, arrival tastes
Of swivel fare closed to investibule, command posts
Littered with rancor wooden five-point cure for what
You nab

Her name has not escaped me, she was punctual with
Malignity, barbs stacked in a nonexistent backpack
Prefabbing our mocca plenty of fanatical replies, the
Mulch softens to wood, the weave, the plum, the locust
Past our damaged plea arrangement semaphore to
Press against some chemical land, most imitated
On the lot


Santanegri hominem to vault attuned temptation line of table talk few open parchments

Refuse to Labrador your way out of the prone position,
defray the cost of phantom limber roster paint tongs
very many actors pat the race gone tubing west

Taste the soma factor, let a crisp few both devein
The limpid shrimp twin fracture tinted western wool
Context, contested back brace laned in kama sutra
Furnishing the root cause plaudits where you work,
Where do I hammer
, mostly locked out sun

Sham tank veritable snowblower on my eighty degree
Porch, why not impart stagnable imperative restored
Pertaining aspertame that tastes won, if you recall, a
Gradual, one moment at a time, furlongs from
Domaltese nocturne spates of cloy, learn where you
Golden are
, a barb is a barb is beholden

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