a sort of floating criticism

let the eye receive what is coming to it
as far as possible
to a tee

the conversation speaks

the conversation speaks conversation speaks do that thyself
whither shall away do myself
the tapioca doors and walls rubied falsely
it is an accompaniment a veritablement
of the dream of all its critics

impermeably for the sinking roof the spectacle of it
rankling the gross outrageous fortune and mesdames
les faires and mesdames les chères quoiqu'il y
a carillon of upturned water glasses
in the hand of the waiter the banshees next door

and spectacular the fright the fear the stoicism
what would you ah I see don't you know
slabs of paint the good works Italian workmanship
at the Biltmore done up topped-off
plain as the day it was made in 1923

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