Tedd Mulholland

á áá ááááááááááááááááááááááá ááááááááááááááááááááááá

it might seem at first a task made easy apparently complete complete and apparent in and of its own slopes and lines less than herculean no more than elementary but requiring at least its elements and an elementary knowledge of something I am sure and at closer scrutiny not so sure of an absence a tapering off yet tapering into the distance and distant past as if and quite possibly remembering an acquaintance

it might seem a task of acquaintance serenĚdipiĚtous roots if setting out to explore a paradox flowering

francis and raymond sit to discuss the minutia of stein's roses says to linen something about discursive buttoning francis argues that nonesuch is also hunching tenderly so forth they all find footprints and ambled through them amiably

on implying a subject a performance necessary and necessarily public and made publicly the outside of here the nothing to do with this task an ideal tomb in which words place themselves or are placed but always exactly here for your fortunate discoveries always indifferent to your stumblings and more or less a parent a figure a handle a pin a pi-meson

quark and anti-quark passed are passing through somewhere quark and anti-quark bivouacking on a snow covered plain or drawing there a plow one not necessarily following the other but in theory following the other one we call in front in sight following the one behind which is both here and not watching the snail seeing what is both in and not in motion

francis mentions roses to raymond who anticipates a jostle soon while linen hangs things looking for his anit-quark which one can not have already mentioned snailing to photograph francis claims to have of roses salivating evaporative substances vaporizing into considerably thin ice

notes on necrology or how to pass time from one person to another how to pass the time from one person to the other how to pass from time to one person or another how to pass persons through time to another obituary or a miss use of tragedy's orange or tragedy's equivalent fruits

linen interspirits having found the right footprints his anit-quark is much further off and (his texture is) obviously ponging ahead

in parts a tracking field tracking fields never becoming never nor ever in a space or a time or combinatorial science of moments just here and just there linen ponging ahead passing from time to space to time to time to space to time to space to spatial temporality it might seem at first

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Isolation .
complete and apparent requiring at least an element an absence yet tapering acquaintance setting to explore a flower and to discuss roses that nonesuch amiably on a public tomb figuring through a snow or theory we call in front in sight which is seeing what is roses anticipating photographs of roses through a use of found footprints further ahead in a moment's at first

in a room refurbishing banal prosody stuck in other words in other equivocations in other footings footing a linear accelerator tune forking musical boxing harmoniconing xylophoning rapine forthing through peccant somnambulism - through thick coming fancies - quixotic castle-building - quenched in a boggy sorts - neither wet nor dry sand an adumbration a crowd gathered in simultaneous timelesses somewhere near independent the atom smasher found linen who then lost his anti-quark

miemiemy is always searching always tending to bite into corners the cyclotron doesn't have an ever spiraling shell or so she feels its spiral streaking but lacking forward in a vertical horizon but always a flowering ahead always optimistic always - lay the flattering unction to one's soul - future shores in sight she disembarks

thus nonesuch is finally impacting an everything perpetuity an - immortal part with angels lives - ohne Rast ora e sempre - nonesuch's miemiemy nonesuch's latent lurking in was ich nicht weiss macht mich nicht - sharp-tooth'd kindness - francis leering ahead pongs to the back to the hinterland to the behind one's tail hyperbolically storming in a teacup

on the tip of linen's memory behind the back - hoc erat in more majorum - longer here longer their longer to an attuned sense of temorality they abide by and cuneiform quark's character minutes enfacing a chasing tail further bark than bite nectarious half melted viscous ooze they are not

problems rise and field inquiry float the mind expectant and bursts and like a clap when catch catches napping when plump plop in an unguarded moment of conditional intersocial volition put heart into the gauntlet and moral affection an unctuous toady frizzle wave

filling large paper bags with substances barley visible from this distance a twitch just detected a fallen upon cutting of eyeteeth an assuming toga of a hole under a disadvantage artless lumbering cumbersome - moving accidents by flood and field - scatter to the winds a olive branch or a way of measuring research initiatives in the round and kiss in the ring they touch throwing out a feeler or a random tact

with little time in a concavity - this petty pace - this subatomic under press of snail and steam - on the light fantastic toe - ready to split lacking trump brick true veracity that golden key that another formal solemn crux criticorum

rebus logo-grip an ammonia tank propellant bite the tongue smelling salts assume the shape illapse and come round to mature meimeimy booted and spurred in agitation with embryo in hand plow the ground pitch upon a decided semaphore step or deep in the over head and ears

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