Jillian Mukavetz



space sans dust  


black touch

musical trust      breaks sin

in success

blacks of sacks of soft                    oranges

sex in    erasures

.                                                                               varicose wax patinas of

times souvenir times fumbles


doubled arguments of cherries


light is benched on a seat next to an artist named sylvia

she counts their fingers and calluses

.                                                                                                       acute tragedies of a mouth

.                                                                                                             eyelash

.                                                                                                                                   mouth


crepuscular dead blossoms         beauty dead            lights blossoms of monsters drawing boxes

a single slice of meat pie















we are watching good. old fashioned infomercials on atheism & kegels.

honest kegels smoking honest joints and sewing light. I text you


you paw me some love and couch our feet. feet the kitchen floor is covered in snow.


loves now in paws and pretty boys. sigh a note a restaurant

hungry. a hungry error notice in a text.


what a pile of shit fido. hands hands like nascent premonitions.

of lassie getting shot


lassie asleep eating chocolate masturbating on a green park


unlucky i suppose, although being an involuntary master in a lexicon of paddle boats sounds quite lovely.











the slant of nothing  


alice asks about the death dried alien pins
we death them genius
stroke of hands, in your gum
fleshy like weeds. we death them
genius is the star of colors
haloed copper mosquitoes, we rely on her insects, acolytian bromeliads
she makes of must of moths of improbable
musing wings
dressed in envelopes
diurnal vegetate the could be of an acoupling of hours beating
beautys chaperoned bleed
we give birth to printed flames the
wings swanlike we abort
tears the slant the nothing of milks the nothing of spermatozoa the nothing of a noted
grey flummery. a yellow hello
elated symmetric shadows, transparent partitions, of light
peopled calescence

we kisses and curses in a circus of lawn
stains of honey dust
of fire
there are some that have addresses inexistent
death a deceased
throatless gunner
a hibiscus optimist











the evens of your eyelids   


I am the false napkin


beads of a moral still           the sun

I stiletto to a silhouette


when stains pass                  I push inside me something erotic

lascivious revelations

vacuum interludes


vacuum interludes

precipitate your thigh, thigh, rough, hand

the universe sweats sweet


my reproductivity

plush piles                             the evens of a monarch

I am sowing, butterfly skin to the backs of your eyelids


the lips of womens vibrate fire

the smoke

of children and produce among threads of a littered afternoon. the raw of a mŽnage. whisperings

of houseflies.









alice b flat   


husband heal art      hibiscus bleed self kind of burned. auburn, less


a self wander of apricot live rinds


stemmed blued. burned bees, flat. baskets             of boxes soaked in windex

make it stretch

strand muscle necks strapped to brass guitars           me.


pound out

metallic grates      grill grammed       cocoed and static

husband, glide. torn.

bed sheets serve a cause.



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