Debrah Morkun



Only the symbolic, a new signifier, can change the dominant law.



You can only go as far as walking will take you


we are moving, in Philadelphia                        if you bare the agony, we draw the city’s streets                  she wore murals on her face                   tool box                       he carried polyhedrons                        a triangle is the sum of its parts                             half sister, we drew her into fragments                 gipsy sense             lunar eclipse    turn off the lamp    subway ride      here in the radius time becomes circumference                      after hoyt schermerhorn and Bedford nostrand you feel a split     he cut her in two until the journey fragmented                no,  we are not new york we are not          san francisco we are not 2nd avenue              you, beneath the waterfall       you,closing the lights, soft juniper regicide   the throne is all malaria, Lassa Fever                 Maiden Wire, calendars hung on tiny nails back bone       she had string in her hands                  making knots, calvary winds pass and the urge to know summoned feelings kept in spine            time enough, her lucid singing makes rowboats disappear            we are moving, under the awnings of neon deli signs

we are moving, in a train through Zimbabwe                  we are moving through Bangladesh    jewelry counter, two silver necklaces and clasps             each and every starfish in the harbor fell into an opening chasm of sea dust            father please give me motion enough  so I can face these earth toys           ministerial organ     death hum:  thrum                                                  real order          regicide                        plague you




spider plants:      we spread our arms to cover child’s spills       she places her milk, like the open sky, on harmony before sunday              she relaxes the silence between water and milk



He sets up navy yards.  They fight over her sea.  I can only see him stand up.  Other times, in the back corners.  She would carry.  Over the last moment.  She would drag.  I could only see him looking down.  Other times, in the alleys.  He said the toolbox is a sum of its parts.  He pulled out his hammer, started constructing the earth.  He put in pieces of mirror.


Open to tell the wilderness, unfurled, the poison is the spring is the jungle is the beach town bush


out of her mouth flew the planes of Russia       Sundials over the desert and we cry Arizona       the margins between Prince Street and Canarsie.  We opened the doors.  She was mechanical and whispered         most often, a slip                     most often, we hang calendars with tiny nails


Doppelganger:  addition                we rule out the other               we can project millions of tables and chairs you repitition          we can million project chairs and we can million tables this chair


Aurora borealis blessed virgin cable vision television, sonora delight this spring your many visigoths lie in the birth room flowering empty-handed genitalia.  Such delight there is sweet sonora what a star we are when we stand flat along living room walls.  Bless you cable vision television.  Bless the desert with lies of water.  Bless the harpoons of the hills.  Several soldiers hide in trees.  Bless you Mayor Wilson Goode.  Once nativity, wax dolls remove parkas speak in anointed tongues.


like lions like megalomania     like arbitrary halloo                 like natural language

they prison toe             we semen flow the calculated years     we hang our semen with nails     


His voice through loudspeakers.  We hear him in our heads.  Kyrie domine.  He feels her in the leaves.  She spills out crustaceans.  When his key ring disappeared they questioned the military.  The judge and coordinator of the army came and commanded, “you must untie your ships and undock.”


before we hang lamps over highways airplanes hang over the tired infinite standing sea

before gipsy sense they left the old ones and grabbed sky time with calendar hush, they rolled abacus beads further along the yellow line


like Mendel’s law we imperfect our diaphanous muck a muck                       imperative downturn

we imperfect diaphanous                     we move away from breeding


before the glitter bags fall into the palms of virgins.  we destroy glory but only if they salve maria, sal-vay maria.  can you barrier the ocean                           can you dam up                      


lord chancellor Nazarene unraveling     enraptured fireweed issachar   sheep skin grace note corpus juris                     vernal seraphim                                     Padua warmonger merchantmen                      oracular equinox out and out


it gets so hard to speak in a roomful of darkness, yet the lights come on, and there’s            

a roomful of noise:  vibrato wavers lake                  feed famine plague trees


six million times to lay your boat on marshy land     cesspool             sod enough earth benching        

break through mud, waver or plant six children in desert sand              wear crowns tilt felt hats

silver eldorado             fire can’t be smog                     candles can’t be ancient moss


its time to rest.  alabama, rest.  saulsalito, rest.  keep giving tides to charity.  your dream, seven lobsters crawl toward the united states charity building.  it’s a vice to steal.  O fallen grab basket cathedral.  Let us carry your grocery carts past this time frame – seven past eight, quarter to four.  A full clock twist.  A seven, eight lunar dial.


undermine:    under lanterns, streets shine and harbors shine and all clouds mysteriously amber untangle the stolen goods of miserly wombat politicos


relief relief relief         san quenten                 relief design prison doors


relief.  we project millions of tables and chairs.  you repetition.  we project millions of:



basketweavers clamoring to basket the earth.  tidal spring wood around the whole world.  O clamor to keep our planet wooden.  twigs on each ocean front.  a wicker basket steeple.  wooden men.  silver people.  golden henchmen who razzle dazzle television strings holding earth womb milk basket gravy chain.


remember dream lags wore down to coal mining              meet beside the golden trees

there are precious metals there:                        hesitate before mating season.  stars don’t mate in their beds.  they wilt or rejuvenate.


several prayers later and still no abraham                    still no naval yards       lined up, they quicken their holy moses until fifty oceans meet cajoling


He placed precious metals under the earth.  You repeat:  he picked up his hammer, started constructing the earth.


you repetition –

            of bastard lands,  

such carnivals, rye fields,

            fool hardy in airport waiting areas, zen archery,

the solemnity of mary this Saturday so I perfume my feet,

gipsy sense, sky time,

such calendar hush in many mansions, ha shem,

proton mysterion,  malillumination


you repetition –

            Burlingame.  ocean lapping waves lapping eternal vowel sounds



            in the beginning, in the end, he turns her clock-mast, time controlled, weather device and

            clears room for calvary winds to pull down streets so vibrantly


            on the last day, we collapsed inward, noticed perigee, and heard earth mites singing in

            death row chamber-ed cars


            on the last day, we vanished until cyclones lifted their blueprint memories, you

            repetition,                   the final day,

                                                            we birthed wings, out wheel

                                                            out /////  oracular equinox

                                                                         vernal seraphim


dry up your seaweed laden lottery numbers    you have approval to move despite those forces that intend to lock you in your orchard yard                your hands quickly aging              many mansions            alive like never before


you repetition:


                        under the ocean

                        looms the last vagrant

                        mirror grown dark



through visions, rotation


I repetition:


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