#985822154: the marl pit

                       in an instant of music,
          the pitch returns
to light and air, a conversation:
                       "There's that seasoned
          music again." They return
to tell
                       of loss. In marl,
          they dug their
instance of words
                       and music: in marl
          they return
music (they return
                       all facets of all they found
          in that
pit to tell).

#986278952: second process, part two

I thought of
l for example,
its density, immediately and not
of bits or what it may
restore into a word
or the punctuation of
trifling and unbroken sounds, a static
instance drawn out--it is
liquid--it is untrue when ending
in absolute continuity, absolute
certainty. Subject ears to hear
grass and so ever
precisely everywhere,
the arbitrary outward expression, this
business of music. We must
have sentences. I am writing outward. I am speaking
of the difficult silences to come.

#987728743: prompt and sort

Discovery: a global collection that prompts
and stores. State: the material of imagination. More
dispersion in store. State of "looking:"
fugues of colour upon what is given:
in barrels of. Believe in
"away from." Store briefly, the recipe.
Store Niagra Falls.
State "weather:" April.
Prompt: an image by going.
Store: instance would be their going.
Store into random patterns:
glass. america. oceans. interstate 40.

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