Camille Marin

ink flare by bits, fretted flecks
bred astride dormant cycles,
bright sheets of irony
headstrong within falsity
churned by fluted, ungilded
moments in the rolling, beloved & fleet
in the busying jangle
in the rich fuel of violins and ibises.
seasons alter psaltery, ounce of inertia
would and would not spin flaming
ersatz february. translucent bellow drowse
one big block
yielding to & fro the snow below
to carapace the place in tow
to drown rigged flocks.
boundless flutter punch
frills tricky bright rings &
ooze of brine, nightly
forged by fissure,
a pin on which to hone the sea's
negotiated beckon, invisible
scorched omen
in the oak's dew.

mazes, brambles
wrest nothing from bloodstream,
descent to colder houses


body swarms coded links
meshes voiceless dormant flash
much awash in starling flames
hollering lustrous up the yesses
& morsel every poor clock's filch

plumage plummeting commonplace feet
chrysalis of second hand hunches
like bird species cut loose
wailing ashes & juice
to bolster apart apart

i argue i wedged in air
startling pulse intuitively bare
though rigged with plush internal
hoist above the fickle measured heads
to make dust heft


continental sweep contritely spews
awind of twirled the world & hurled aghast a
gust in time so slavers oh you
knocks on eye a hue embued with twine
& still so feudal co-emotions one sweet double ewe
conjoined to fest her why more shuns to conque 'im
dread to flust her and an & and 'streperous
gawkward limns its tawdry slump awry

mar tally shoon a strident belly up
& town to flagger doom stay offer
clement doff a swagger phony bell
well swell what evergreens the dell
& lops a cloudy daisy oops the coffer's
i' th' coffin triple shoo to flee a twiddle
notion of come ocean in the swill the pissing
zoo & eyelet downy frontal of a fox

a way asway to yon dirt mineral floom
for brakes threw newly dusty wallow
boomer ankle blowing harder landing on the
crust to show the everbloomin' jangle down
so expect a nation zest of eye no exploitation
pushin' tulips status flyin' in the freeze
aha a sloop to yes or no & once a gain to best or loss
or glean the game to boost the rain to dross

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