Camille Martin

falling bodies

a few words at sea
how great is the resistance
I wanted to learn
a common center
filled with matter
beyond my comprehension
a perpendicular
solid round body
air grows out of
these rough places

                                            any body
                                            it must be of a substance

a grain of sand
would fall in water
the means available on earth
as the motion continues
a hundred swings
at the same instant
divide the argument
placed in balance
at one's pleasure

                                            obvious properties
                                            diminish the weight of the body

a current of air
returns along the same path
empty and whistling
the obvious
if there's a difference
I might accumulate
small intervals of time
those bodies which fall
arrive at the same time
of small importance
in air

                                            this phenomenon
                                            escapes your notice

all bodies would fall
the effect when the arc
occupies the same vacuum
as the small stone
one may discover
a simple effect of change
reduces the gravity
which arises from your making
what would one say
descending the same slopes
one might expect the difference
to harmonize the result

                                            observe how
                                            the same body would fall

I wanted to learn
a few words
to repeat many times
the argument is a difference
in water
it is therefore impossible
it might be true
two stones
at the same instant
the passage of the falling body
is so slight

                                            during free and natural fall
                                            move with a speed

resistance is just another material
in which each vibration
moves more slowly
without going into the matter
a grain of sand elapses
let us continue
between the arrival
with this light diet
rid myself of the resistance
the surface is clever
it will not fall
it will fall

                                            now it happens
                                            I let them go

the repetition of gravity
is not only observable
it is not inherent
in falling bodies
equal speeds in equal arcs hissing
let us assume the passage
this free vibration
the question of
their common terminus
to be made of the same material
required to bring it to rest

                                            imagine if all questions would fall
                                            imagine has nothing to do with

when a top spins in water
the simple effect
along the same path
makes a stone larger
in the rarest case of air
and thus other falling bodies
of one's making
keep diminishing

                                            the effect of the medium
                                            their speeds depend upon it

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