Gary Lundy

separate the. events. in magic

separate the. events. in magic. circumstance. the women. this one. behind.

the counter. tough. she has tattoos. flirts. with the one. other woman. who

like her. tattoos. no one. bothers to care. understand. his knobby. knees.

gleam. in the summer. a certain. solstice breath. jazz cohesion. improvises

encounter. she tells. him. he understanding. how slow. the one. she names

companion. how he. just. doesn't get it. he feeling. in all. the fear. not

withstanding. utter pleasure. in memory. sudden flash. imagine some way.

shortly other. while her. legs polished. chrome. twinkle in. as she speaks.

with this one. he. anxiety prone. proudly waves. a circumspective towel. the

game. aflame ripe. sexy. she looks. up and down. she. the one. under

inspection. oblivious. waves. a toothy smile. their way. this smile. orange

cinnamon. twists. convolutes. instead he arms. her with a. kindness. from

fearing. loving. jackstraw moon. shudder. at a conference. he sees. the other

one. a man. just as same. immediately. so she relates. knows he with. in

coming over. arrives with. in. him. shuddering. in telling. she. once again. all

smiles. laughing. twelve ounce. with room for. the first one. only. hears her

friend. morning glory. wants wanting her. but in fearing. loss. their friendship.

sudden impact. spoons in soup. bowl. every other. circumstance.

poster board. sex riping. he

poster board. sex riping. he utters. astonishment. flees. bouncing steps. in

fearing. the small. baby. this one. weighs. on its mothers. chest. guttural. libra

flower. instead. a compact. detachment. he knows. they. fall in love. the

asian. moon. august stetson in. mere. flight. she smiles. the oblivious one.

teeth. aglow while. the counter. one. ripe. in sexing. hot. liberates. the ear

lobe. of a possibility. a sax. wails. needing in metal. warm comfort. to recede.

pleasing. their play. recalls no. small. dialog. all the while. the couple.

entering in. mistake her. smile for. a. flower broadening it. too. into some.

flight. they. laughter laughing. come out mechanical. voices. not like cymbals.

but rather. gaiety. questioning. fervor in broad. sun. day light. stir these. the

vegetables. of a possible. direction. they order. he has tea. the others. coffee.

stumping around. not like any. berserk. skate boarder. wonder jump. white

bread. it is. no exception day. he smells. his shirt. the residue. residual scent.

of the child. he some times. calls. god. and smiles. laughing hardly. push the.

petal pusher lamplight. hold the nose. drips bodily. they. over breakfast. say

very little. imagining. in many ways. a silence. familiar in its. occasion. he

walks away. after. the body. aglow. in the tiny. downstairs. restroom. they. he

entering. behind him. they. all these. coming. come together. the tram bell.

figures it. out. small wonder. she annoys. him. looks back. across a sudden.

remarkable. moment. the mirror shatters. they.

she now knows. once again. as on

she now knows. once again. as on the. earlier. night. when meeting. she. for

the first. time. forever. says. it's all ready. over. it begins. and they. laughter

laughing. their pants tight. illumine a wanting. waiting. to be perhaps. awake.

hot. gaily flirtatious. staying here. isn't that. like. once meeting. it is. over.

forever. apologizing. their busy. cool hair. in some kind. of wonder drunk.

later. a friend. petite. experience. the ones hands. all over her. she follows.

lets him know. it's not. all right. rocking. feverishly. deny. the culpable

madness. of. in the young. ones. bravado. knock the door. sound solid. he.

this again. a part. circumstance event. wants the one. who. while. blowing

glass. shatters their retina. this not at. all. original. or serious. it making up. in

advance. for the magic. of. within momentary loss.

soft utter. the enchanting

soft utter. the enchanting. young woman. all smiles. looming in front. stops.

suddenly. in admirable awareness. does not. never embarrasses. easily. her

body. shudders. flickers in. a. tinker bell flight. alight. atop the counter.

entering. in this way. the counter. womans body. they are. laughing. thinking

in. all others. delight. in public. demanding. recourse. they. the night before.

wanting. offers up. to the smaller. one. they two. a man. position. and also.

slippery concept. mentioning. cycles. the old. white haired. woman. entering.

passes on. by. daring. as only one. other mind. may. imperfection. program.

for others. in kindred. minds. he waits. wanting for. yet. all ways. ten years.

away. stoops. ties shoe. acrimony. also groups. against. a play. in

particulars. distant cousin gaze. a moment. they. depart. he. disturbing a

found. orange banana. peeling. peels. one more time. there is. no other.

except. these two. avoiding philosophy. in a broken. language. living with. a.

woman. flees from. the. west. the work being. twenty. years older. there is

no. one. to discuss. this work with. their. understanding. take every. family.


euphemism. for similar circumstance

euphemism. for similar circumstance. when he. having. meets. the other one.

she who. is famous. he goes. out on limb. christ. shadows shudder. he finds

few. with whom. their staring in. to start up. the conversation. their tradition.

linear. coming together. at it. from varying. direction. looking at. their biases.

notice a past. redundant. story. comfort board. profess. he wants. that much.

flowers certain. and with this. moves into understanding. it can. not be

enough. ever so simple. in a wall. knowledge. advance. memorial. they

buckle tight. in the body. fast imprint. she. looks. looking longing. the other.

old man. cycle crop. wild. in stumble. fears. they may. in some part. of this.

unclothe. stand. or lie around. naked. after words. lighting up. tug deeply.

their bodies. flames ripe. sexing. he. remains. walking. never entering. sure

of a. comfort. in ordinary air.

some things. events like. diamond cacti. accomplish. a sincere push. into

moonglow gaiety. a trolley car. bell. books the seat. of. his pants. isolates

imagination. electrifies. like he. spinal face. fearing. in. humbly. watching as.

homeless. in any ones. conscience. the seventies. music. lead box.

elopement. sex stories. he wanders. amid crashing. violent snow. storms.

she enters. halter. tops their shoulder. stroking smoke fears. ears ring

outside. on the play. ground. carousel. a good one. their minding. laughing

laughter. the two women. coming finally. together. after words. premature.

thinking. on a monday. night. coming out. after words. it remains. all ready.

over. the end. preceding. as it is. in the moment. of sure conviction. passes

into oblivion. a singular sweet. her smile. self-conscious. bright bold. tends to.


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