Chad Lietz

Brown red Mother
in Maya, blue white male

absence opposite
a wealth of color

			compact & enameled

		jaggy teeth
		of Maya's
		sharp staff

				'from which I grow'

This skin thrums for you.

Southerly bring rain
over glacier's basin

metastasized fields grow over fencerows
leech the lone & dying tree

			shucked & strafed

				the seed from 
which I see

							(gut big
								or gut out)

			a market of
			suppurated mouths
			sob songs under moon
			dome white too


		end for end for


Maya     in Legion
Hall the mongers doggerel:		eateateat

					run prices     supply & demand

	-Tommy called-

		funneled away from
		decorticated land

	-says all's fine.

Hail the legion mangy dog!
hims snuffling up dirt clods

		indelible impression
		iron & roundrubber
					this forced spire
				so w/
prehensile pads, skinripples they push
themselves forward (rolling small jaws)
to bring all things back
				to use:

					alchemical metals
					ground down to sluice & fuel

					poured through molds or
					algorithms chiseled by

12 million mandibles openclosing
the rollranks of balance		due order

								so why not turn
								stone on itself?

	-Remember him!


					on display & plain
					to see, a permanent

					sea, this monument
					w/ its excrement & cargrime

stands taller than cutterworms & pillbugs stretch

			so they wait

					other small things to clean it
							another body
barnacles lichen & suckerfish

to keep the host alive

							(this garbled force)
							& these together hands
							keep the shine on
							our proud spire

						something accomplished
					a biscuit, then the band


& pads & skins to meet them
at close of all, a welcome-
home & rolling over, jaws move 
them back to their only best face:


				due order

of small jaws &
mag(net)ical metals


				(sallow on entering
				then, all-color-)

						this host akin to
						phantom, to stretch:
						find ways to make it
						tangible, analyze &
						legislate it, proud spire-

				'our modern highly mechanized
				sparsely peopled & abundantly productive
				farming system'         (spiteful phantom)		

ghost of an ethic: advance early (luck he sd) &

							go big
							what's old
							(1st ethic

							/what nags



What's heard from heroes received
w/ due welcome-FOLLOW.  GO!

								make them

so plot to plot till all one          	(woe)

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