Sueyeun Juliette Lee

legendary goldfish

any day goldfish.
mark my words goldfish.
do you remember the time goldfish.
any day. any word. any time.

day by day break.
wait here. speak.
mark secondary silence.
the word is gold.
the word is fish.

not to hum.
bird not to speak, give wing.
bird. wing. speak. hum.
merciless break.
any word.

To Be a Spirit

Amputate hands.

Be the end all of blink blink.

Invest in illumination, distillation.

Glad hand bag memory.

Ride the rising rapture balloon.

Assert yourself: use only your mind.

Carry no documents.

Dissipate the lonely cloud.

Adopt a hive, incorporate the swarm.

Give in to hypertension.

Approach the never-ending avalanche, the light.

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