Hank Lazer

4 poems from Portions

take your son

down to river

mouth magical cacophonous

half decadent heart

of light take

him with you

witness to how

we make a

new book eating

half a muffuletta

& fanning air

friends of this

book half mad

half prophetic phrenology

crackpot love of

dig down here

he says    word

up    jive turkey


his last &

lasting presence elasticity

o loving time

hot city memory

these firing synapses

no traffic cop

in brain or

heart his last

& lasting presence

father i will

join you now

by heartfelt invocation

crossing decatur street

indeed café du

monde blessing &

repeating    you stood

here with bride

fifty-two years ago


for whom?   i

do have friends

& you among

them     portal     door

throttle    chortle    chicago

evokes them all

begin again or

be stuck in

misconstrual   poem &

poeming not about

its excellence     we

need more from

each other than

we can give

if we learned

another language     your

capgun looks real

"D up     monsieur"


            --for Charles Lloyd

ignition      liftoff      clarifying

spring morning sunlight

freshly roasted beans

& payday imminent

this earthturn    you

will see what

twenty or twenty-five

more times as

branch artery blood

breath vision instant

specific earthturn call

to hear finite

times delight a

music soul attuned

bass    sax     piano

drums      the water

is wide     why

not walk across

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