Bill Lavender


March 3, 2004



the oracle at delphi

            thanks you

     from the bottom of Kerry's art

              from the Fall Fest

           Niagara Grille           in the Buffalo airport

in the shadow of Graves

         the cleaning girl, savant

                 but no idiot

         haughty spitting through teeth

CNN settling in

   to the latest charade

         sleight of screen

         shadow show

    nazi pornography a

dream of


          so hollow so wanting

     all-seeing fuhruncle

                          no savant

             but an idiot

         haughty spitting through teeth

spitting sperm through teeth

   she dismissing as

       it's all politics

           got an opinion

       ache in the hollow

   between the falls

the oracle at delphi

doesn't say but shows a sign

the oracle

                    quashed by spam-law

          and the all-seeing idiot

  liars in public places

   liars in bed

         nazi porn spam


       the "grilled tuna" comes frozen

       with the black stripes painted on

           so the Niagara Grille

                 can cook it on the griddle

             because they don't have a grill

office of homeland security just next door

    next to the former business center


        two guys in turbans looking nervous &


       lines forming at the xray

          for the 5:30 to the city

   jet blue taking over

        edwards conceding on CNN

slime mold forming on the walls

   lint in their hair and

       grease on their faces

          the force be with you

and bear with us johnny

   while we attempt to build

      a better world

for your kids

  by lining pockets

          the toupee'd dick image


      dressing in tongues

           speaking in drag

  everyone eating it up

     just to be on screen

         featured on the latest

             nazi porn spam live radio

                ecto-broadcast video game

         wireless interaction


                     pirates of the carribean no longer

       aristide's little bed room and god help havana

           and god help us

             when fidel dies

   and the slime mold covers the west

            uniform as

         smoke clouds over brazil

where the recent decision to reduce

   rain forests by half is greeted by

        applause from the local

                                     short sighted greedy slime

         a sailor at the table

             with his blonde cheerleader girlfriend

next to the sikh

        his wife in sari and jogging shoes

                delphi and burger king

                arrival and departure

edwards with the concession speech

   written weeks ago

            what rousing crap

            what yummy

                             nazi porn spam

                   for bush to jack off to

   the 143 shiites dead in iraq this morning

        blood running down the faces

            on the front page of the times

            for the right to self-flagellate

     just like "us"





Buffalo airport, Niagara Grille

3 March 2004

15:50 - 17:20

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