Bill Lavender

Meditation on a Thought of Antin's (Second Hand)

>experiential knowledge
>NO ?
-- John Lowther

yes and some ground on which
cd. get a little more traction
            since yr. right
the self never solidifies
      a word
             without etymology
    what might once have been called i
like a stick stuck in the sifting 
                              sand of

       what urges, in the bergsonian
sense, a
           capitulation to the current, don't
kick against the pricks &
most especially the downsloping thorns
           that line the pipe of meditation
       meta                  phors
phosphorescent fishes in the slough of consciousness
       what masters do i serve?
       here stands i in the torrent
time is linguistic
implications of the embedded vertical understood, undermined

poetry is a discourse on freedom
       what might once have been called freedom
               the  e x p e r i m e n t
                     not meant to test
    but to break a bond
lw: no matter how we try to separate the definition
of a single concept in the many meanings of a word,
       i n            t h e            e n d
all we will discover are the rules for the use of the word
        even in the rule-bound, in the out
     of bounds                     what separates

         the concept    from    the sign
                ---»» soundimage ««---
    & all its labyrinthine constructs 
       to the laws of the mental
that the words wd. not be
                           as a clacking of wood on wood
         their pure rhythm       the dance
            the whole sweaty work
of signifying                              not even
                in the heart

    but in the wood itself
purged             for the oldest of reasons
       like a scribe
assigned by the king to encode
                   the secret documents
     the library   the maps to the treasure
    as to be unintelligible to their enemies
who, as anticipated, storm the castle that night
         and kill of course first the defenseless scribe
and throw his body on the fire with the key still in his
pocket     and they take the encrypted library
   make it the basis of their science

   build on it, add to it for two thousand years
a problem with
                  i n t e r p r e t a t i o n
     an interpenetration of codes
              guides by vanities
the meaningless milked
       for every drop while the meaning
             melted on the fire
    hermeneutics, in other words

what might once have been called
       & i have no desire to return
  to a discourse that forces force by habit
the clacking of word on word          each
     a call to battle
                no matter the meaning
       though like these line breaks
and funny
                          spacings (so hard to under
               stand)     which, formally or utterly,
    breaks a bond and strikes no blow

twelve inches in a foot twelve
hours to a day
          no other meaning
but what shores structure
       against the waves
  undermining, moving under, the underpinning
    the under meaning that we uncovered
      under the sink under the valley under the hip
   where the rudely tin pan beat barely
even music can break a bond like distant swords
             this lyrical eye

        urge to send incompletes
  the form          the consolation
of form      repetition     as marla sd.
so passionately    urge to send incompletes
         a not-so-wellrounded cosmology extending
                          ambition and code
      foreshadowing metaphor
      beyond for
what might once have been called for
                      urgency bleeding
               into time alone
and if

some worry about what's going on with these line
           breaks- remember there isn't a philosophy
  that doesn't go to battle
                   in its underwear
                   in its underwear
    exigencies of form proscribe necessity
in the most determined mouth     utterance
        sputtered offers belief
    everything else is classical music
        hold to signs like buoys yes
           but they will sink you

       what substantiates, in the long
run, a
           capitalization of the lost, don't
run among the pyres &
most especially the insufferable praise
           that limns the mind of color
       met a                  force
inconvenient lines in the vision of nothing
       what exactly do they profit?
       here stands i in the torrent
time is money
conventions of the old school ignored, undergone

no but some term in which
cd. have a little more inherence
            since last fall
the others only coincide
      a world
             without flux
    what might once have been called mind
like a flame doused in the living 
                              water of

Acrostic #1 (Guillevic)

In noise 
the heat escapes 
cave among verities, enamoured 
of feats
ice coiled events
where here¹s entombed, resisting every
light, igniting ghosts, heavy timber
was almost saved, 
fearful ear aches rue fuel¹s undying lament
we even 
have a vent, entry
been eerily entombed, near 
dwelling wed even like links in nervous ground
these hearts escape sound easily
months on noon¹s thought handled shaking
under no description erstwhile rays 
the hand enscribes 
icicles, circles inching clearly less established stance
but utterance tips 
this history, is same 
is same 
only numbers lie yearning 
an no 
image magic aging gilt¹s event 
need ears edified dolorously 
for orange rams 
an no 
image macro agonies gelded evenings
for orchids rancor 
where he erred reliably, even 
we expect 
crouched rain over undulating churns, hunched edits drying 
and never dry
hid identities down
was as slow 
an n 
amorphous, mourning orpheus relinquished, pinned, housed on unstable 
place, language accepting celluloid end
far architectures ridden 
down, ownership wanting note
below eleusis love¹s omens wind
language, anguished nuance, guiding usage, age, gender, everything

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