Jukka-Pekka Kervinen

muteXt(s #8                                                                                                    

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caps owned drags honey sings tens oak dandy sands flood profile wait shoes liner brain bred fond   fur   bias    barring honey angle tens mends lover oak dandyelled feel frets also along arced rail shock accent bias   caps   tens  dandy   birds knock  kitten   noisexport accentightly oak maparty pigs feel frets arced bedroomay rail mends met cling slant owned honey sings oaknew fact flood arced wait woke liner fact fond fur owned honey angle tens also along dieshack disease arcedecades shinentail caps awokeject tens lover brainodding fact fallen brain bredespair knock kitten dandyears accentightlyankee   lover  maparty   aim  arcedishes bedroomay rail mends met cling

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