Jane Joritz-Nakagawa

the hideous view

because another day has passed and the rain drips he is on his drip and
i can't find you
because i can't find you the rain has passed another day drips on he is on his trip without you
because i can't make a pass at you i rain on another trip i/we can't find another day can we? to talk about it. can you surpass this?
"This night is too beautiful for tragedy"
but the tragic housewife leans out the window inspects the
clothesline dogs sullenly bark at a grey slab the blurred graffiti
complicates the view

everything is going according to plan

those colors cause eyes to shut
your glance a wince a stair
trip on down below the toy
you left strategically there
in front of the tv the armies
arm themselves
blotted bolted like a fanzine
amused like azure amour or manure
we can sell you anything:
a piece of meat,
a chewed limb
a bloated fantasy
collect the shells & examine them
one is trying to burn his way out
some days colors sting your eyes
some days i cut myself on everything

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