John Lowther

flashbacks can flesh out

Solar went to stand there speaking eye at the plasma
blazing gibberishly              heart of meandering intersection
in pieces where brick and mortar
Here/ is/ where/ there/ is/
no time for reflection in the pool
if the truth were known Narcs
no one would tell it but in whispers and eaves
an immerse dripping deafness of echoes and glare
The Eyes Winching. The Eyes Lynching.
the more they hear the more they fade away
leave the garments for a soda dim need you
above the din the brackets are opened
having flinched Pulling still Solar went to stand
the unnoticed are remarkable            in the background

taper also melting house of dollway to midge
pan write hippodrome martinque bough
lumpen sits quail sot minim locus pole
knobby teac milch room tone lags
like breathworst tailpin shellac
there is parting this are mellifluous
pink whalebone lanky domicile skag
matchstick huggies what burnish dental seep
mic jack tine sifts oceanly tarrow
pills of age

holed up.   this
is a stick.    just
add mud.   held
back.   self stim.
hold up, dim
escalator.   slop.
stocking hand.
cover for now.
water stops
picks up styx.
chills & splits.
hole toxic.   down
escalator, down.
runt licks poly
is roly, a gain
stint.   chill dim
reps.    tender
hooks plant
steps voided.
hint mort.
din sip.
choke vent.

re mind me
this is where it is comfortable agon
pre vine street pop nostrums
lick paint mortuary plus slums
mop up detail mars
export i rack up chalked kill shard
gristle gas stench point
beckoning modules re me
closet roadkill plunk off up here
liberum veto

default voice is draining landfills of sake.
marshal the mellow planet like horses on gravity.
say, hey, sting brawn mildew antidistaste nubs.
marvelling upward like nights nit.
blank is blankly held is the surveillance footage.
racket lost. a filter between us rented
stained pause pounding the elevators
between over the counter balms splatter re-tour.
till some pain from it calls ground.

tar these lines of poetry from soft knees
armor plate them in cheap plastic guzzle up like investments all around. stitch. turning white
in spots, scratching nervously at the dawn
cheap knits wow so then demonstrative locks
when thighs try raise the bum fort pork, just so-so
if 'yecko' is the way they hello around here.
industrial park as what it deserves. i will and i do.
cheats over security like mouthparts.

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