Jeff Harrison

from Postmortem Series

     A vagrant breaks out in beads of occasional congregation
     frequent manuscript and her neck an ancestral home
     for such dazzlement, in receipt of contradictory familiars
     passing through a second edition of this voluptuary
     good-natured holiday gains no particular hearing
     taking slices, a full-dress paste lopping off its countrymen
     lesser lights, lords and women feel the sting of makeshift
     rounds, shipwrecks are often facts of expensive simplicity
     these entertainers of the fourth act must be middle-aged
     before the service can only end through the body

     Such punishments were adopted by royalty
     Pyrrhic language a fact of human arrangement
     debunking of association cultivates exchange
     magnetic syntax ignorant of the hounds
     the early lyrics have a certain plausibility
     your revelatory pledge comments on goatish paradox
     fall victim to merriment, talk of virtue retrospectively
     coming out of court with no rewards to do her justice
     it is said the scene is nearly suffocated, fur afloat
     adultery purchased your sententious task, so colossal a sense

     It's the sky all over again, overgrown with space
     short of memory at first, before coercion ends thus:
     children could stand opposition to sagacity
     hierarchy had been due for a quarter of a century
     also committed to lucrative revolution, onwards
     the report by no means breaks off, abolition of the public
     information supplied delegations with close quarters
     quiescence moderating a grand scale absorption
     the machine was made to raise funds, supping circles
     taken as an insurrection, a lucrative farce

     Correspondence relating to success publicly double
     heavy questions a further installment of silence
     some canons allowed placards, fundamental consideration
     remained least, initiative disguising apprehension
     to consider revulsion an issue, conflict sedulously inadequate
     leatherbound accent, the linchpin of a different slope
     the watchword is seamless, we used to remember hoardings
     how could you see a pattern from voice to minx?
     shortages would follow pictures, frolicking understandings
     and vice-versa, why on earth are tears billowing?

     A corpse was doubled to divide its eternal reward
     lamentable disinheritance compiles the attempt as I
     turned, whipcord impossible to make satisfied
     ordinary confirmation resuscitated to get up and dress
     your coasting verse a thorough compliance
     roofed-over examination a fortunate choice
     avoiding cordials and habituations in turn, save us
     the embodiments of pageantries well within the mark
     of thralldom, denominate several English lines
     well-pleased with room to doubt, conclude these points

     Elopement bred on the wind, assure yourself that
     with loud pledges of performance materials are overawed
     enough of these pledges will land you a World's Record
     no longer entirely without warning, play a game of
     storm and drying nets over two youths hardly broken
     that beautiful pale face is my fate, substance scowling at
     ourselves, Bohemia was a place where the girls got away
     as soon as possible, many books under her fingers, closing sounds
     are jarring to some, elements make promises, Klezmorim
     are long gone, never to return from the courts at Syracuse

     Contempt biting her lip, document styled the whole place recent
     cloven eagerness inspired permission, to this day ponderous
     without any account, conjoined specimens turning bounteous
     policy redounded to spacious name, at least permanently
     accommodation a verbal charity, that famous version a plain part
     treacherously an inkling departed, reminded of submissiveness
     grant autobiographical reserve, preserve my future conduct
     omitting modification, firm character that slays them, but
     you, Heather, you are caught in this cycle foreather, whether
     you keep swimming right around, or shy away like thunder

     A daub denying a daub in favor of a daub, civilization rolls on
     when heart shall be in this lean religion, humiliation would
     have amours, promises before you part, win a thousand
     contradictions to pass, no other prodigality keeps so active
     the efficacy of pining and disrest demanded guests
     an appeal to unnatural errata sets down animosities
     swarm for that hunger and proportion, death shades away
     to the woods I contrived peril, much scribbled for gain
     maintain a claim until acquiescence is sent back to me
     you find you are bought with money, scarce daub





                     from ACCURACY

                                          marked smoke
  a charm of the divinest scene, the lady died and I slept on
  profits                                 all
                    within me
  execration from earliest infancy

  divert voluntary irksomes

                                                    your garb
                                                    the ground
                                                      talkative as right
                                                        divesting low
                                          endeavored to prime
  towering by the union of impetuosity and redundance
  bluest                                  kiss
  attainments touched with blue peculiarly classical

                                    inching along
  the lip of the pard, you told me there was no pressure
  that                              was
                  30% ago
  we walk at least above all

  in back of the fine arts

                                               flat on
                                               tail bone
                                                    located by number
                                                       purely pure
                                    plutocracy in winter
  the pard's not alone in playing the averages
  hot                               water
  I left them sleeping dogs

                                         good to
  have milk out of white goldenrod, September was rainy last year
  be                                     dry
  dozen smelly names

  the car runs through it

                                                    light &
                                                    and shade
                                                     no bigger'n Hop o'
                                                          my Marx
                                         tilted line of lunar moth
  Bill's Aida puma so much like Artaud
  limited                                time
  copy motive & shun result

                                       most new
  blew away your hollow wave, added five orders very
  brown                                and
  complain still less arch

  close on the other side

                                                   to live
                                                   more care
                                                     edge of the chain
                                                       bricks above
                                        cycle grand re linearity
  hunting instead of the dream a break of blue sky
  style                                 locks
  crushed and complete hereafter

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