C. John Graham


Hands off tentative parcel packet, parallel perfect,
bracket bright. Can't price all offer, axolotl false
after tact placing, so may taste later. On that
pleased part, no naming after same is, but swim
out of lane when plenty fodder on aster blanket.
Or take erstwhile mistake, blot in a sense
penitent. Even master prattle to peddle untoward
nature, raster akin sunk plank matter. (Haven
sores crater on unaltercated prayer topic.) Ah, market
sans ladder top, hominid paste can scatter
and sort taste grater in perfect pan incarnadine--
no incarcerated matter or unmasked bladder pad!
Corn platter astronomical, towel farthing sanitary
crepe filter, outlast sane hallelujah for some or all time to come.

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