Geoffrey Gatza

Cassandra sits by the lake

                   So it comes down to my mind reeling
                   how to finish and remain fresh.
                   The poem is essentially my workings of how
                   and continue on -
                   So how does one create
                   then pull back?
                   A ring tailed lemur holding a glass mask it can
                                   See through
NO: Apollo's settling of scores is based on human greed
how can a simple leaf disturb something so smooth

                   to love a good story is the nature of the beast
                   we understand only in terms of the story

Apollo fell in love with her and promised her gift's of prophecy
if only she would submit to him

                   but how write the universe?
                   He has a blank page before him and character that he knows
                   They are friends!

she entangles men
its not her fault

                   Swift change without revolution
                   (the violence was brought on by the
                   fear of free will!!!)
                   just change core (gods) philosophy
                   There could be no government, no money,
                   just workers working to work on what they loved to work on.

              the gods made her this way
              A product of Hecuba's submittal to Priam

              Her prophecies can never be believed
              she would not submit to a god who wanted like a man
the Greeks entered the city by a wooden horse
Cassandra warned the Trojans

dismissed as a madwoman.

After the fall of Troy, she was dragged from sanctuary
warming by the fires of Athena's alters
Ajax the Lesser brought her here to camp
                   they bid over her

                   I may just be seeing the beauty of a world that is created by
                   humans and is perfect -

Cassandra was awarded to King Agamemnon
the spoils divided her as his slave and mistress
Cassandra warned him

to Mycenae he says to greet Clytemnestra he says
if we return to Greece we will be killed;

                   So this is where my mind is ... and it seems so wonderful to create
                   this for my world but I am just another fool searching for a
                   It's the natural course.
                   I may be broken and not the vessel of mankind.

Upon their arrival to Mycenae She & Agamemnon were murdered

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