Peter Ganick

from er (between words)

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salute. which hair on feudal omission attends radical notions, talk of tao in salute’s pervading
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infotainment. before toppled acidities, revolve ad nauseam, tentative promises in vroom
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avenue or boulevard, essay the chopper. tagging so upstart as venial therefore blousing
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revving entropy’s gallantry, not the tip for universal coercion, one spare through ascot espied.
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down as multi-versal porridges, not then so flagrant a misericorde rushing to exacerbate a
follicle’s inverted depravity. energetic daring tends out-going lacerations squeezing
bandages, the exposé of which the savior faire inverts attention’s provocation for whiling
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the tension repositioned, starry shine witless of ransacking so naïve topicality resumed,
coiling indexicals entrusted to vanish one prize tasked onto gaffe aghast in frailty’s
assumption. beckoning thrice-fold, the memory for gestation, readied to gratefully look
through a glass ocular device, unspecified as yesterday, gondolas or twin axles with
privileges, that the oblique sobriety vetoes lightly yearlong, scumbles on town agendas, at
which overlies the rumination of destination. ego surely acting roar, sotto voce the image of
usage, entitles which portions defined in otherwise prevailing ovoid neuroses, tonnage with
shrapnel attitudinally shifted. as dances no heuristic vault for imagination’s proving ground,
addenda nubs, thensome with riddance the left and the ripe for picketing, which expression
prefers inaction, gnosis commercially donates, near to boisterously no obstacle downsided
hardly on in an opaque notion, end of approval not disapproval, jurisprudence nods the strays
textured. achoo, the blindsided relationist voice, knotted string under nooses, teamed outside
a willed flange the tingle for ahead, nor perishing in retro martin doggerel, gasoline in
punditry subsumes the tyranny observed. leapt into a vast document’s with address blocked,
in advent of proclaimed fortitude the reversal tonnage, in re the possibilities, worsening after
-thoughts, unserved at contraption’s potion, meaning less the shrapnel for tying atoms to
affluent corsairs. ebbs into prasada, the motion leery of statement while across at runner’s
gleam, extensions’ movement about a clouded nature, one sidles therein as pulse laptop, on
barrister’s crone aware to sleight mannerism so laboratories selflessly deduced to alertness
for the privy catapult, nowhere else to screech fingers blackened boost-wide homilies. tetanus
teetering with surveillance absolutely towed the same day, brunches others of natural
covering down to certainly one applauding there so aligned into verification-schemes, dual
contention left to ring offers into a skipped fallowness, foster hoodoo run-offs. nabbed only,
the trellis of bounded flares, flames to directly posture arrogance, returnable information’s
clustering effects, one lotto volume the rebuttal simplified for amnesia. at which tournament
slips dowagers’ litotes, velocity for someone, co-planetary invasive premonitions of duration
meandering with surveillance troppo motley the funnest, that a relocation structure loudly
affronts melancholy’s surplus. natural icing aporias travel into facility of intention, so light to
as motivation the prowess liminally a fortiori, someone the word workshop notions for tiger
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flanking of destructive re-releasing, portions could the that on off wholly a notion for
scansion. err to no occasion the tiff on abruptness’ climax, trapping so largely a somersault
verifying clubbed, veteran nightly, of scholastic evacuation shown trapping a volunteer there
multiplexed in alternate successions. finder’s feed there trouble-free a hummock loved for
granite chakra bloat, follower blighters transient for amaretto skeletons, more the running
uptown to sardonic production shocks, nevertheless, a mirage more lucid therefore
relationshipped. klingon terseness officially brouhaha, not forgotten, sieve-lit sylph wider
thematics brood the skipped moisture sodden lager, filch transport to addresses of humanist
relationing. disallowed there a because, non ever thought in serial crusaders, tensile
arrogance, boisterous tantulus weirded over a shovel in paradise, ecology to the imprint of
borrowed infanta, lofted in facet to blemish a fortune soapboxes demure literally, flood in
screech equal. a clubcar with navel hideouts, extraneous relapses troubled in serum climate
oddly the formidable behavior, enneagraphic that for so dunce wrench a hole in step-van
millipede slathered with gyre and minion.

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