Peter Ganick


the egregious mercy of time
where forms grow downsized into
feeling selfishness at the oblique walk
fond of gone-mornings somewhere left to
refallen snow and gruesome force
nothing but anachronisms tattering the fear
of crucially overrun linux commands trapped
in teardrop pendants of emerald white
gravitated worlds frenetic as porcelain breaking
on rooms of dilated filaments your cybertrope
somewhere not here not notational as survival
too excellent for amounting to something
sorrow that calls her backyard rumors
especially troubled exercises that
render possible someone selfless and gratitude-filled
as her finding the forms to do necessary
paint and structure near biases greeted with
feeling the word from an erotic she starts as the
crouton-sized heliotrope next to same-person viability
goes to show where nothing waved down
the self-actualization of memory
once a fellowship of demeanor the word
that talks too much those persons too
literal for all reality gone sampled inverted and
seen for the rules that knowledge sizes up as
temperant license inert or possible aporia
dullness of exchequer sent the books for
contrast admonishing thereby somewhat as those
of poseurs tarts and procedural singularities
not commenting upon whose immense atrophy
goes against the knees and joints without
selection too late offered bitter from living too long
small trope atomic cough nadir of tyranny and
prepossession of tureens that sing the body elegant
ghosts and deleteable motives for those
reopened singings that send security that is
looking at this tapped romance to bleed for left out
bothersome doctors tossing distaffs around the however of
the barber of commerce not speaking newer than that
list smaller thoughts of newborns and old mantras
groomed gleaned from the tirades of addiction
preludes of terminal oppression going away to
breed into the ground of why it will be lost in
taking themselves out for outside caller
now not highlighted as to ignore the immense atrophy of someone
tooled with gold and archaic melodies the strobe lights
that immerse violent temptation for visiting relations
not too latent fortunate or melancholy the easy choice
of expansion where drift gordian pilot paltry vessels amount
to that nice vessels of forcing her way were yourselves
the only one that eats here not eleven that mind
of a day off to sleep on the floor tossing about a
rumored ordering about the flaking paint on a
roped down old maidenhead fern called to face
once on pirated smocks velocity annual trappings of
caffeine and herbals the fans working looking for
that oneself other nowhere but nuance of dilation
all that fruit and thinkings of whose workings narrow
the selvage of promises too musically-bothered by
complaints and accomplices normal or sweating
not there still eating here for a while who will not believe
but to enforce where no one listens to her is the
way to emulate greeting and himself admonishing wherever
guests arrive to far-reaching computer technophilia
nothing uttered at the slavish mixture of pianos and
televisions that remotely amount to gravitate to
slurred speech and quickened cantankerousness amidst nothing
but doing with the slam drama of tapped into
statement that can call those persons about to leave
at the elementary staying-over right away
the light will go off at knife point too large for gripping
a quixotic sluice of brandy where names mean
nothing set up for helping the old man previously
the table set for mellowness and remorse
houris and dasis that camelot knows nothing of
bungling the trappings of guest status fomented
by lightened the restaurant not opened for the
holiday until leftovers nice as the grammar what
fearless that the enmity of camisoles and
veneer greets a creature often solved in famously
deplored immodesty on the free refill of
policy that screens awareness that number of times
no otherwise café lite naughtiness abrogated
by servile merchants refusing to tolerate rage
ubiquitous and merited by some directive of
paranoiac visibility wherever bitter and raging about
the recharged fetal position all take in abrupt
moves through a fool that creates nothing but sore
losers and the people around a geodesic material
not warning others of themselves retinues that
send off a return to feeling trying to deflate signature
four times listed by bitterness at the modicum of
lack of advancement raped by the authorities in
their view no harassment to be voided affordable in
scorn to talk with a fellowship noteworthy of
crosswired area-wide bee-sting following the commercial
filters that ask a quest to regain something of what
the exculpated removals needing attempts to form
attention to the beard often too whitened for a
graviton to simulate sepia or vidiot malarkey
somewhat noticeable charging the muscle where fishers
forever loiter to challenge the authorities those roving
temperant and clinging to not working with a
flowchart too wide for bandwidth to heighten the
verification-schemes that come with ice and band-aids
nothing but brand names toxins and referents
turpentine and salmonella going here later that night
that could refit commensurately the sobriety of party
losses too much to be amounting to too much as they
waste time forming latent milestones herein apparent
often as fearsome to binary ocular midi restructuring
undisturbed by yoga and fellowship how the choice
made itself and then was made a false dichotomy of
two entirely different and unequally satisfactory
samenesses that can but evade similar obliquenesses
once the classics are treasured and the overthrown
are resumed in new serenity a laughter after those
thoughts of predatory situations naively potentates
would escape their edification how the worlds are
liked by emotion admonishing bathers that flare up
in escapist prejudice near the shovel could stay at home
home all time soapbox routines gleaning fixtures the
travesty that omnipresent valorization if that repulsed
then trying to keepsake vigilance stimulation of plants
and gravity the screen a bit darker must find a way
to software the climatologists into affection for
a more user-friendly corrective nuclei that spare trapdoors
while getting to correct the two molecular structures
of maturity gesturally inflamed by slavish necessity thinking to itself
the rules suck their fingers into prunish gemcraft
once a florid pastiche notifies wormholes
to steal this laptop wildly afraid and jealous trapdoor
avoidance herein a strappling metal earring to scrape out
of a jar mavens aside getting nothing done without all
those correctives so automatic nectar of bungling the
remorse unsatisfied but largesse in hand tooled for
creation and screaming the infidels that saw some friends
even ten minutes into the floorwalking that only a
lone star state grips staying here with the annoyance factor
for small minds did not know that it could be licensed
to steal a grip on the booths in walnut and brass with
stoked furnaces and coal stipends all the torsion of
fealty checking every ten minutes to see if the person
has left too much on their planet for the ecology to scrape
out of tough love for a world that spaces out on personal rage
too eclectic for retinues the remorse of internet silence
totally crashing a fleeting conversation with
sruti to bleed and crucify however mollified their
idealism can become as ingested by asking if the
receipt wiser than form cares to inflect moods forming
uttered by scapegoats lightly rowing the crowds around next
day times to share however lamented the thirst veers
to beckon while geriatric youth is non-contradictory
the farmer of ghoulish proportions anew written in
sporadic amulets gravitating wherever now those trashy movies
literally wildness at the end of the world
students on a rampage making more sense than
doubt but having less poetry perhaps creation earlier
and the concentration started by wounding until recharged
for not too early or actually earthly as faced into action
by desperation the glamour that serves to englishify
notions of snobbish bitterness not as a nation but
as a notion more selfish to refrain from adumbrated excellence not
knowing whose peroxide blindness is affable or
referent to classes being governance over intelligence
not seen as a ruling of here some one year ago that
soap box routine wound down into ovulation heretic asking the
quest to scarcity not averse to the uncle with somewhat
similar portents of not being smaller than
sickness in the face pneumatic lifts for cars that are
given auto body pomo grist for the slave trade someone
just doing their job nothing that word soon turmeric
than resultant for a groupie or sex worker she used
to be alcoholic too could begin with what was said
a few years ago but then bartender and trying to keep
clean and then takes the attitude of ignorance of one
sleepy compulsion to invade a personhood in the
desire that fetal poseurs notice her creamery breasts
nubile and violent memory of terrible nature but as
all grow up some day even the director that slugged
the summer woodcutter in wrestling school singularly
focussed on email and the clanging bell thought to be
nuance refilled from the paltry sulk of a parasite
what a wiry naivete situates under the forms of
unshaven newspapers aikido rumors someone still laughing
rakish and inner sylvan trampling the rodent shopworn
informer of not doing the work given for the work desired
was calling to space thunderbolts of veracity thinking to
gamble oneself a foreign stealth literally a soprano saxophone
not able to walk into last year welling up in the return
to feebleness or strength yesterday or today decodes
yourself getting the sneeze bravura gestural bilateral
too new for grabbing a chosen world of broken glass
roman plaza the new shoe arriving sooner than attempts
to cut out the heart of a jealous mindstyle the
arranged thinking now thanked to being for one to
begin where thought is not jurisprudence of expression or
quote working out something else bartered inflammatory
quizzed by why it comes to an end in school and greeting
physical but emotion and its projection between
contemporary cultural grist slows down ateliers of
once-wary bohemians nuanced into the insects
still invading and exterminated in computer innards for
times of the old songs by sundown calendars for a
growing text belittled for research not the tradition to
remove preludes of creation however amounting to
chapbook greed the book-forms that crack out
spiral terror buttering the page setups somehow
commercially trusted to flavor right in the mouth of
a small smooth viaduct in reading tattler the oldest
wordless fluency not daring to evade fruitless exchange
tools that add to the coloring of balloons and forces
overages in the register defamation on the windows registry
however clever one known to not befriend
sotto voce talkers winesap some badmouthed persons
cut down in wartime hotmail cognates soon to recue
a void that shortcuts beleaguer twoness and function
bestial allergy tonight bereft this funeral for time
spent with a chrysalis incendiary to not knowing
a reunification where the heart goes would not but
be reversed in the bedroom asking a coffee klatch
to add earth to the raspy voices in the five a m
shop talking smoking removed from the gray horses
ontime to work after hundreds alimentary to the max
know to ecologize the nothings that dictionaries too filled with
sons of the warden ply business misunderstood by
meditation and fusillades of crusade-formed depth
renewed by structure and evaded for a softened
denouement grasping erasure before glasses are seventh seal
revivals tossed into paradoxically true of
one generation nowhere else that drunk driving law
everything more interesting than thoughts from within
the experience they tell themselves moves more afraid
to begin where night scampers the holiday of morning
asking the young women about their weekends thinking
someday whose procedural moment violates
commencing within atriums that scorn persons without
plush terms to like only the generational sitcom of a
form one finds oneself in as sufficient to need no excusing
yet theatrically a deal of other thoughts in the gemcraft
of isolated cleanup that goes against the grain where grassy innuendo
wasted and educated blue-eyed or bleary-eyed
now illegal to jamming the crash course here ahead
of addiction to reordering affability checking the
schedules of tryings to become attempted for
wounding nothing but the language though thinly
they tolerate thisness as the removal that was lassitude
not so stale as parataxis grieved portentous and
as signs washed off tables a cloudy day
brought into by the farmers gravity boasting where
results have to be listened to as forthcoming as
touched in the hostility of what is inspired to reclaim
what was unseen by cleanup crews after belief washed
itself under the street of desire was how it went for
most of themselves ourselves needily included
wanting inclusion reading the torsos to bothersome
attempts of crashing down upon free thought about
such matters where pilots materialize for the lowly
arachnids between the spiral-bounds thanking to render
a style that seeps under seemingly-tame grazing his
words offering no stealth but amazing intelligence
as job-like the rent shared by influence issues no
taking care of while not skidoo closed early tonight that
portions deleted the larceny of newly ugly women
once thought as florid before haircuts do not need to
insist where pretend over the head of a cyst in the groin
previously talked about by shooting elk taken apart
lifted above afore-thought headless moebius strata
grabbed at by the undenied battery running down
by weird fallacy this correction gone strata melody
pinnacle moving under the reunion of
duress affable that would precisely manage tapestries
whose protection immobilizes the saved patina
that really does not seem aware of soonest demands
from dacoits and oozing within a space that no one
slings about thinking before speaking or writing as
denuded infectious amongst the rallying forms
not heard from intending to regain posture grappled
either with the talking two years ago the new employee
smallness of managerial sensation vernal equinox
protem glamour that solace gravitates forward in
edified relics from the opulent templates once not
amounting to what is doing the scowl of all the work
on one shoulder giving money where immoral and
demeaning now because themselves not watching television
doing something else thisness avoided by emotional
distress the blindness of rallying points naked in
bad karma referents while okay in these imaginations
that one selects in fact is not a problem however
now leaving that to someone else is the plan forming
too much republicanism that nothing can excuse
an old odd book that no one listens to inverting so
far away as ternary period milestones that
pomo gurus cannot but excuse compensating quizzes
the nothing expensive for charts going haywire
intending to slam down the wand over a halitosis problem
hated for torsion that nothing belittling wondering
how nothing assigned assassination talking to itself
while nuances invert that deposed sameness over a loud music
urban or metal and afternoons talking to the removed
pliancy of generational difference out on a date
no lager for the cuticle-slicers neighbors only in
the heart of a time to speak out for something else
in text to regain song for diurnal politeness same shirt
reversed by time that more commencement of derivation
plies the retina of asking for her husband
to emotional derangement oblivion and greed as
apparent from toxicologists and going there with her
so far as hopeful and shopping now talkers to read downstairs
how many tunes arise the feverish nature of
oneself and themselves roustabouts in the commencing of a normality
thinking too geriatric for a cluster moving into new
apartments from one slavish grammar smothered by fallacy
and icicles having only themselves of the coming back
to refute suave nickelodeons that marvel at the
oceanside problems that the last seafood eaters in the
earthly span deadly okra once a force to reckon with
as a widemouthed earth noisy wallet faces from the
university liking to impress the gallons of dramaturges
surrounding palimony new diseases and functions of
wounded pride that sums uptown malapropisms taking
frissons those tamasika nightly going there to reference
the wandering fellowship of charisma nothing amounting
to two stamps leaning upon the bawling infant taken out
too easily to upset the urgency of something was that a
woman not obvious too large or whose policy goes to
admit to understanding the braided absolutism of
what was remembered lasting to begin from a
paradox infancy too late offering time as bits of the cookie
cartoon students winding down after the summer wide
as tattoos caused for a lurking in on conversation while
nothing loves listed top lost to a grammar on sliders
procedurally cultural and mutated from getting used about the
supposed goodness thinking one is not wishing themselves
as someone else in some other palatial web-hound
who they can support the perfume nadir of greenery
literally afghan wishing scrambled oceans would not
    slaughter the earth so early or easily literally lite and
defeating the foundations of thisness no other danger
more or less thought about crispy chips talking teevee
noetic sameness wild side wailing throats however
sober and abrupt the going on is for one goal ignatur
melancholy calmed the infant whiplash screaming
at the top of lungs to being something else the
swordsmanship music director gleaming ugly faces previously
everyone washing down the same fluid happy happening
talking forms to begin where bothersomeness before starting
is a pulling of tentative emotional survival smitten with
grammar noting smothered infills of defoliated remorse
nolo contendere nothing but the sumptuous enough
amount of working for urgency a big smile already better
or too serious and grassy for the provender
of nightly tactile moves therefore under sand yoga
blamed for her problems while trying seeing seeping
through winsock parallax yonder images yesterday
the greeting somewhere blurry and getting used to
the same plastic mantra afternoons cannot belittle as
manhood simmering the worldview of choked fables
whose practical magicians notice velour and lack of aid
going to the neat room for a wallet-burn too fat for
towardness as priority and lapis lazuli boxes the
congratulations earrings meeting smothered nights
voting ropes into scales that drink this cogito ergo sum
praxis nearly washed down for less than the money
stroking the gumshoe tolerably fooled for alike
they converse in silence to regain climate contrast
the veneer of rushing about locked keys in the car
ptomaine aggravation amounting to no anger
sitting in hedonist towers email illiterate and
vivaciously apparent to meld with the moisture in
defined protein thinking before writing a lost art
without neighborhood not telling the ebola virus
of the multiform belligerence of arms sales blamed
forming the recalcitrance of slippery amulets and
civilian meritocracies not getting back to naked or
once laced with armistice and geekdom whiling away
the travelogues that chant in the background,

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