Tracy Gagne

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                     break a stick to heal

                                             crime means itself


                                                                     ashen grey

love stroked nothing

                                   (surrounding were growing old



               Salty drops stream for a little time

         spend oceans of white



effortlessly leaving stains

                                             from un-focusing sockets


                                                  tattered clothing of despair

                     can see like everything is all right

children crashes against the rocks

      Empty gravel the happiness desperately

                                                         pain & heartache”

Escaping fears of growing

Reality as if it were a monster

with two dark eyes

                                that empty themselves so effortlessly

paint-drippings hardened

           subjecting him to life—

                                                  just a shell—

shrubs bleeding squirrels

where the acorn falls

in fear of rejection

                                             & holding



                           eyes chime one last breath

   limp lurking inevitably

fire loses flare to talk to

even a bottomless well

is not a most pleasing sight

blue is as dark as

sadness is not

like a window

                             soul move & accept that it did

                                                                  big & bright

               mere symbols:

raindrops onto the sheet

flirt like a window playing tricks

former clue sprouted hands

                                                grew roots

(hear the water)

           tingle quest hold single night

           (smell the salt)

           journey crashes against the rocks

building castles in the sand

                        it is kicked

surround through the shutters

all the happiness


Galaxy accepts a final farewell, chirping

(Probably doesn’t even

protect tomorrow)

                           mysteries, splatter of drop,

surges from stained big factor

   to fall in love again

                        Could dry up outlets

                                                         Nudging Isolation

                                                      accept that it will mend (in time)

                                                                                subjecting scars to alienation


Escaping           poking              child-like banter

the sword that etched a soul behind

      say a final tear day by day

                       desperately someone fall

(He probably doesn’t even work)

  overtime is savored forbidden

   homesick treasured

careful part

                                                                                 had to end at the beach

Fear cannot good-bye


But a grain of sand

Phone left

Among the multitudes:

“Good-bye, my impatient eyes.”


Waiting for the tiny paper crowns

careful of different-sized human race

you’re homesick beautifully

together with many years

Are things of the past

sticks & stones

Stopping him from trying


                                                   & dignity

not too long savored,

                                      treasured outside

                                                   The work

Personal time is

this prison of your mind

Where you could stay out late

And drain out all its powers

be strong

to fall out of line

be forbidden

too long


Tide to rise the waves

Filled with hope

               a bright tomorrow of

                                                   iron & sorrow

                                                   never to come up

& drown

The future holds


a journey far away

(find the bus)

a bond of this strength

(join the galaxy)

feigned tumble from disastrous ends

For all to share

Though break ever turns to lead


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