Tracey M. Gagne

my bookshelves are black and blond and Goofy

there were bombs in the eighth row hair pins
(is that cockney or albion, can't be sure)
they were liquids & gels
smelled of perfumes & oil-based lotions

the mystery is solved at the end of the book
but you cain't get theya from heya
gotta finish this chapter & climb the hill

new chapters & new beginnings are sin
ominous with leaky faucets & bad hair days
unless you're trying to make a man out of a woman
(& not in a trans way)
then there's always something new & exciting
without the bother of pronouns

christmas is a time of feeling good in your
giddy places
not everyone can make their own pottery
but there are barns where that's done


the turnip truck drove by
& a watermelon fell off
in front of the house that jack built
he thought it was a ufo
but it was only an oRb, it

refrigerators are for birth announcements
& "in memorial" cards
thank goodness for friendly dolphins
with rainbows on their smiles

an aura is an aura is an aura is an aura
i see mine in the mornings
with white tangles & floaters
it takes my energy & lets me keep it
(clap your hands if you know what that means)

engine, engine, number nine
is bringing ok go to eyedrum in september
get your backyard & your treadmills ready

mark the runway train


it was the son of earl
not "earl"-not that one-
just earl, you know, jack's son
i'm done trying to fool everyone
it's not worth it, not even if you've got a rainbow in your jeans

a boat capsized off the coast of bahrain
-you weren't there-
(& now you don't wish you were)
she's locked in her stockings
             there isn't a key
put your heart on the stove
it's smelting well warn her
she was on the boat
with a skinny       with a chin     with a skinny thin chin

mark my word     she's with gabby now

bonita brun lavender with washboard finish
wes was war as sand & toes
war in sand     sand war land war
it's confidential like those things you tell someone
& they're under oath or something not to tell anyone
it's like that, so you can tell me

transparent like sex or gender
everyone has just one in conservative politics
i'll tell you mine if you sell me yours
prior to this the pryor paid attention to hung pangs
grrr!     soup du jour
escargot fantasies     yallup ploy
& all things read backwards

fresh caps in spaces of gold
frogs behooved
uncanny & she talked about herself with pictures
chains in april are not available now
wee!     crabs are best with power sauce

jean's in love with little miss muffet

cake walk & naivete is something you do
when it's in the meantime
magical powers are clean
or they were when i was a kid
& there was something magical about jungle gyms

drew    a luning over
to build war
drawn to take a left on
denotative Get Pretty anonymity
i'm in charge of my myself
acquire those meet needs
silent as a tome
it's time       for a change

a fake seen
warped up in needing
hearing music again after forgot-
tenness, generally speaking
if only he remembered the other-
person but he wasn't paying attention
to play:
orange & purple never matched like green
& everything is it

outrageous red carpets
make outrageous red hoods
on blond kinky-haired mermaids
tread lightly
a reptile dysfunction

help that warning

factor fiction
it's all about mashed potatoes
or it was until now
(i don't want rice anymore)

creepy crawly spiders
crawl creepily on my skin
when there's a certain npd in the room
who'da thought that cranberry sauce
would turn to sludge in a few short months?

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